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Appropriate Age For Reading Tarot Cards

    appropriate age for tarot reading

    In other words, are there any age limits for tarot reading ?

    Tarot cards have always been a popular divination tool.

    For centuries, millions of people have made them an integral part of their lives because of their benefits.

    They not only serve as a great way for self-discovery but also provide insights into one’s past, present, and future.

    However, people often have tons of questions regarding the use of tarot.

    For instance, one of the most common questions that people have is whether there is an appropriate age for reading tarot cards.

    They wonder whether there are any age limits for them.

    In this article, I’ll explore this question in more detail.

    How Old Do You Have To Be For Tarot?

    Well, the short answer here is that there are no specific rules. You just won’t find any book or article that says that you should start at a particular age. Wanting to read tarot is a subjective thing. Some people may want to start when they are 30, some may want to start when they are 70 and some may want to start when they are 14. It totally depends on the person’s interest and what pulls them to the world of tarot.

    However, with that being said, there are a couple of points to consider when your children, who are kids or teens, want to learn how to read tarot.

    1) Are Your Children Mature Enough?

    child playing with tarot cards

    There is no denying that tarot reading requires a level of maturity, social development, intellectual progress, and emotional intelligence.

    After all, tarot cards contain all sorts of themes and emotions that reflect the various facets of human life.

    They symbolize things like life, death, love, suffering, ego, sexuality, spirituality, detachment, jealousy, marriage, destruction, and so on.

    These are some of the deepest concepts concerning us humans.

    So, you need to figure out whether your kids have reached that level of maturity to understand these concepts and interpret messages relating to them.

    There is no use in allowing them to read these cards if they don’t even have a basic understanding of these various themes and can’t handle the complexities.

    Of course we could give an age limit but the thing is every child is different, their age does not always define their maturity. Some children are very mature for their age… So, the real question is if your child is mature enough…..

    appropriate age quote 1

    2) Are Your Kids Deeply Interested?

    parent showing some cards to children

    Another very important point to consider is the level of interest your children are showing in the cards.

    If you have a kid who is deeply interested in spiritual practices and is very keen to learn tarot, you could support them in various ways depending on their age.

    For instance, if you have a kid who is below 12 years of age, you could get them a tarot deck that is specifically designed for kids. ( I love this one Here on amazon)

    There are many such tarot decks available online or in the market. The graphics used in these cards are kid-friendly.

    This is important because certain cards in the standard deck like The Lovers, Death, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The World, Ten of Swords, etc. can have themes and diagrams relating to death, nudity, violence, etc.

    However, kid-friendly decks use themes related to cartoons, superheroes, movies, fairies, and popular stories.

    As such, they are the perfect way to not only enable your kid to learn tarot but to also do it in a safe manner.

    If your kid is above 12 years of age, you could give them the standard deck and teach them the meanings of the various cards slowly.

    Basically, you can ease them into the practice taking into mind that they are still mentally and emotionally developing.

    Also, it is always advisable to do supervised readings when it comes to children who are below 18.

    You can teach them how to interpret the cards, how it relates to their life, the grand concepts of human life, and so on.

    This way, you will make sure that they are not left confused or develop interpretations that can be harmful to them in any manner.

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    Kid-friendly tarot decks you will love

    As I told you earlier, there are great tarot deck for kids that I love and that even adults could use 🙂

    The tarot for kids by theresa reed

    This deck is absolutely lovely and is based on the Pamela Coleman Smith artwork 🙂

    So, later, even if your child decides to use the original rider waite smith tarot deck, he or she will have no problem getting used to it.

    Yes!! The design is so cute.

    I am sure you would be tempted to buy one deck for you. Have a look at the tarot deck HERE on amazon where I usually get most of my decks at the best price 🙂

    The Junior Tarot Reader’s Deck

    This one is due to be published in august 2023 but from what I have seen, I really like the design. I would say this deck has more of an indie feel. And if you know me, I love everything that feels authentic and hand-made 🙂

    I am waiting patiently this deck so I can have a look at all the cards but in the meantime, you can check a few cards of this tarot deck HERE on amazon.

    Feel free to let me know what you think of these 2 decks 🙂

    ENJOY 🙂

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