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The Best Crystals For Tarot Reading

    best crystals for tarot reading

    Crystals and tarot go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    Anybody who has ever used them already knows how incredibly powerful they can be, especially when you pair them with tarot.

    Did you know you could store your tarot cards with certain crystals so that the energy fields around them can constantly be cleansed and they can remain protected from negative energy?

    That’s not all!

    There are so many other uses for crystals for tarot.

    One of the most popular ones is that they enhance your connection with your tarot cards. This obviously leads to much deeper insights and guidance.

    Some crystals also raise your vibrations to a level where receiving guidance from the universe becomes so much easier. This, too, enhances your tarot readings.

    No matter the purpose, crystals are a great companion for tarot and you should definitely check them out.

    With that in mind, let’s take a look at the sixteen best crystals for tarot. ( you don’t need to have these 16 crystals, only choose the ones that you feel is best for you…)

    1) Amethyst

    amethyst crystals

    You can’t talk about spiritual practices and not talk about amethyst.

    It is not only one of the most beautiful crystals you will ever lay your eyes upon, but it also happens to be one of the most powerful metaphysical objects known to humans.

    For starters, it keeps exuding healing vibrations that can consistently and constantly cleanse the environment of negative energies.

    As such, it can also be used to clear off old, stale, or used-up energies.

    This makes amethyst the perfect crystal to store with your tarot deck after a reading.

    Not only will it clear the energy of your past reading, but it will also protect the deck from any negative energy around it.

    But wait… there’s more! Amethyst is also said to stimulate your third eye chakra and make you much more capable of understanding the messages of the tarot cards.

    This makes for a much more accurate and insightful reading.

    2) Clear Quartz

    clear quartz crystals

    Clear quartz is another really popular choice when it comes to crystals for tarot.

    It is considered a highly versatile crystal that can be useful for a variety of purposes.

    For example, it has a reputation for being the master healer as it can effortlessly promote healing and amplify the energy of other crystals.

    Naturally, you can use it for your tarot reading and enhance the energies of your cards!

    Not only that, but its use will also enhance your intuition and help you form a much stronger connection with your tarot cards.

    On top of this, it clears mental fog and brings clarity of thought. The result is that you are able to extract a lot more meaning from your readings. You are also able to observe things that you normally wouldn’t be able to!

    You can also use clear quartz to create a crystal grid.

    This helps you promote a particular energy or intention.

    So, for example, when you are doing your readings, you can create a circular pattern out of your crystals and place your tarot cards in the center. This can enhance your focus and intention during the reading.

    3) Selenite

    selenite crystal

    Similar to amethyst, selenite is often associated with higher consciousness, powerful healing energies, and connection to the divine.

    Its high vibrations are said to promote inner peace, mental clarity, and a natural connection with the spiritual realm.

    All these are vital ingredients for a successful tarot reading.

    When you have a clear mind and your connection with the cards is strong, your interpretation of the cards will be on a whole other level.

    It’s as if the universe will be speaking through you. And everything that needs to be said will be said.

    But there’s more you can do with your selenite crystal when it comes to tarot.

    Since it is quite effective at clearing negative energy, you can use this crystal to cleanse and charge your tarot cards before and after a reading.

    To that end, you can place a piece of selenite on top of your tarot deck when you’re not using it.

    crystals for tarot quote 1

    4) Black Tourmaline

    black tourmaline crystal

    This is another popular crystal that a lot of people use in their spiritual practices.

    As such, you can most definitely use it in your tarot readings.

    Black tourmaline is popular for being a protective crystal that can shield you against negative energy. This helps protect yourself and your energy when you are doing readings.

    It is also popular for being a grounding crystal.

    So, if you hold it in your hand before a reading, you will feel much more stable and rooted in your energies.

    You will also be able to interpret the messages of the cards for what they truly are (instead of going overboard in your quest to glean more information).

    Similar to clear quartz, you can use a black tourmaline crystal to form a protective grid around your reading space.

    Once done, you can do your readings with complete reassurance that no outside energy can interfere with your practice.

    5) Rose Quartz

    pink quartz crystal

    Rose quartz is a favorite crystal for practitioners.

    Its calming pink color will instantly make you feel at ease with yourself and fill you with a deep sense of well-being.

    If you use this crystal for your tarot readings, you will realize that it can greatly complement your practice.

    For one, this crystal is associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing.

    So, whether you’re doing a reading for yourself or for somebody else, you will be able to understand the emotions involved really well.

    You will also be able to feel deep compassion for yourself or the other person, which will give you a greater sense of involvement in your reading.

    If you’re doing a reading for someone else, having a rose quartz crystal can help them settle down (especially if it’s their first experience). This crystal exudes vibrations of peace and calm and the other person will feel more peaceful and relaxed during the reading.

    6) Citrine

    citrine crystals

    Citrine is usually associated with abundance, personal power, and prosperity.

    As such, a lot of crystal practitioners use it for manifestation purposes, especially when it comes to material well-being.

    However, it is also a great crystal to use for tarot.

    This is because it attracts bright and sunny energy, which can help promote confidence and optimism when you’re doing a reading.

    This can be especially helpful for you if you are a beginner in the world of tarot.

    When you hold this crystal while you’re doing a reading, you will feel much more confident expressing the messages of the cards. This crystal is hands down one of my favorite crystals 🙂

    It helps to clear away your doubt and help you express exactly what comes to your mind.

    Many tarot readers also like to place a citrine crystal on top of their tarot decks before beginning their readings. They believe that doing so infuses the cards with positive energies and makes the surroundings more auspicious.

    crystals for tarot quote 2

    7) Lapis Lazuli

    lapis lazuli crystal

    Lapis lazuli is one of the best crystals you can use with your tarot.

    Its deep blue color is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also infused with powerful energies that will enhance your tarot reading experience.

    For one, it is associated with the throat chakra as well as the third eye chakra.

    This alone makes it a must-have.

    That’s because its association with the third eye chakra helps you perceive the hidden details or meanings behind the tarot cards messages. It does so by enhancing your natural intuition and wisdom. This makes you a much more effective reader.

    Also, its association with the throat chakra helps you communicate what you perceived from the messages. It helps you convert complex ideas and thoughts into speech, which is always a great ability to have for any tarot reader.

    8) Labradorite

    labradorite crystal

    At first glance, a labradorite might seem like something that has come from outer space.

    Its color, texture, and the way its mystical energies interact with your own can leave you in awe.

    This is probably why it is one of the most popular crystals in use today.

    Also, labradorite is often associated with intuition, protection, and magic.

    Naturally, tarot readers discovered quite early that it is a must-have for their tarot practice.

    It not only provides a sense of protection but also enhances their intuition. This promotes and encourages deeper spiritual connections and communications with higher dimensions of existence.

    A lot of tarot readers believe that it makes them receptive enough to receive messages from spirit guides and angels.

    This not only allows for better readings but also deepens your understanding of your own metaphysical abilities.

    Due to its protective qualities, you can also place a piece of labradorite on top of your deck when you’re not using them.

    9) Onyx

    onyx crystal

    Sometimes, fear can grip even an experienced tarot reader.

    Sometimes, life can put you through situations where you can’t think rationally, no matter how hard you try.

    So, if you try to do readings in this state of mind and emotion, you are naturally not going to be able to do a good job.

    This is where onyx comes in.

    This powerful black crystal will absorb all your fears and anxieties and give you the breathing space to center yourself.

    It will give you that precious breathing room to let go of any worries and bring your attention to the present moment.

    Onyx possesses powerful healing energies that can harmonize even the darkest of negative thoughts and emotions. So, you can use it even when you’re not doing tarot readings.

    Another great effect of this crystal is that it balances the yin and yang within you.

    When this happens, you are in a much greater state of spiritual awareness. This helps you take your readings to a whole other level.

    10) Yellow Jasper

    yellow jasper crystal

    Yellow jasper can do wonders for beginner tarot readers.

    Since it is a crystal for the solar plexus chakra, it can greatly increase your confidence, self-esteem, and sense of self-worth. I personnaly prefer citrine but some really swear by yellow jasper.

    It can also fill you with great motivation, inner strength, and willpower that will definitely help you become a much better tarot reader.

    Also, the yellow jasper is great at dealing with stress and despair.

    If these emotions have been acting as roadblocks in your readings, you can definitely use this crystal to get rid of them.

    Plus, yellow jasper is perfect to store with your tarot cards, especially after a heavy reading.

    Keeping it on top of your deck of cards will ensure that they get re-energized with positive energy. It will also keep the cards protected at all times.

    11) Spirit Quartz

    spirit quartz crystal

    This is a beautiful, dreamy-looking crystal that instantly gives mystical vibes.

    And as the name suggests, it is the perfect stone for those looking for spiritual growth.

    But what does it have to do with tarot, you might ask?

    Well, if you are at a higher level of spiritual growth, tarot reading will come more naturally to you. Although this isn’t a requirement for tarot, it certainly makes the practice a lot more effective.

    For instance, using the spirit quartz crystal could enhance your psychic abilities.

    It will encourage you to dive deep within yourself and understand your true nature. It will also help you establish a much stronger and more meaningful connection with your higher self.

    As you can probably tell, all these can make you an awesome tarot reader.

    Not only will you be able to understand the cards better, but you will also be able to receive and interpret any messages you might get from your higher self, guardian angels, or the universe.

    12) Smoky Quartz

    smoky quartz

    Smoky quartz is used heavily by crystal healers.

    It packs an interesting blend of energies that can not only heal your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments but also ground you, protect you, and transform you into a much better version of yourself.

    Naturally, you can use it for your tarot practice as well.

    And most people will begin to see its effects almost immediately. That’s how powerful it is!

    For starters, it will encourage you to become a better tarot reader by advancing on the path of spirituality. It will initiate a gentle, yet significant transformation within you, which will help you understand the cards with greater depth than ever before.

    Also, smoky quartz will ground you whenever you are doing a tarot reading.

    This will help you remain connected to mother earth and stay in a state of balance.

    This will help you do your readings with more ease. You will also be able to focus more on the task at hand and connect with the energy of the cards.

    13) Celestite

    celestite crystal

    This crystal can be particularly helpful for enhancing your tarot reading due to its calming, soothing, and spiritually uplifting properties.

    It is also quite popular for helping people connect to the divine realm and higher consciousness.

    When this happens, your spiritual practices advance to a much greater level. This, of course, includes tarot too.

    Celestite also promotes clear communication and self-expression.

    These can be particularly helpful when you are interpreting and communicating the messages of your cards. Add to this the fact that it strengthens your divine connection, and you can only imagine how deep your spiritual insight can become.

    One thing that a lot of tarot readers observe while using this crystal is that it allows them to understand multiple meanings of a tarot card simultaneously.

    When this happens, you can connect the dots much better and your reading becomes more effective.

    crystals for tarot quote 3

    14) Fluorite

    fluorite crystal

    Fluorite possesses several metaphysical properties that can help you with your tarot practice.

    For instance, it makes you clearer, more focused, and more balanced while doing a reading.

    This allows you to concentrate on the queries at hand and come up with answers that can satisfy the soul.

    What’s amazing about this crystal is that it can also stimulate your third eye chakra.

    This helps you connect with the metaphysical planes and gather more information than you would have access to otherwise.

    If you are doing a reading for someone else, this crystal can also help you understand their energies and what they truly want to know.

    Another great thing about this crystal is that it helps you remain balanced and in a state of harmony even when you are doing heavy spiritual work. Even while dealing with powerful energies, you won’t feel tired or imbalanced.

    15) Blue Calcite

    blue calcite

    Blue calcite is popular for exuding calming energy.

    Its association with the water element has made it a go-to choice for people who are looking to live peacefully and in harmony. However, it is this energy of this stone that also makes it the perfect choice for tarot.

    As you may know, water represents feminine energy, which stands for intuition, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, an undeterred flow of energy, and so on.

    Naturally, if you make this stone a part of your tarot practice, you will be able to access the higher realms of consciousness quite easily.

    This will help you read your cards with a much deeper and subtler understanding of how everything connects in our reality.

    Also, since this stone stimulates the throat chakra, it will make your communication with the spiritual realm and other people flawless.

    As such, you will not only be able to receive divine guidance and messages but also be able to convey them to other people easily.

    16) Moonstone

    moonstone crystal

    Last but certainly not least, is the moonstone.

    This beautiful stone needs no introduction at all. It is a favorite of crystal healers and tarot readers alike.

    You can keep this stone stored with your tarot cards for greater protection as well as for aesthetic purposes.

    Also, since this stone symbolizes a new start, it will help you start off every reading without any old or stale energies. It will also ward off any unwanted surrounding energies.

    On top of all this, moonstone will give you a sense of calm and peace.

    Its watery energies will give you a sense of stability and you will absolutely love doing readings.

    Also, since the Moonstone is known for its ability to enhance your intuition, it can guide you throughout the reading process and come at effective answers for the queries involved.

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