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Enhance Your Spiritual Practice Today with Tarot Cards.

    grow spiritually with tarot cards

    Are you looking for a way to deepen your spiritual practice?

    Or, do you have questions regarding your life or spirituality and can’t seem to find the answers?

    One of the best spiritual tools you can use to empower your journey is tarot.

    As you know, Tarot is the practice of utilizing cards, tapping into your intuition, and gaining a broader sense of perception and understanding of your reality.

    Tarot isn’t a magic practice that only psychics or the gifted are able to access.

    Everyone has an intuition and the ability to hone in on these abilities, and having a tarot practice teaches you to strengthen your intuitive abilities and gain a heightened sense of awareness.

    If you’re ready to take the next step in your spiritual practice, follow along to learn more about tarot, how it works, and how you can use it to empower your life.

    The Basics of Tarot

    tarot cards on a table

    Have you ever shuffled through a tarot deck?

    If so, you may have noticed each card’s intricate designs.

    Tarot decks include 78 cards, each with its own imagery and deep spiritual meaning.

    At first, without a proper understanding of the deck, trying to perform a reading may seem challenging. This spiritual tool requires commitment and dedication toward learning the practice, which takes both time and experience.

    Even without being fully educated on the cards, shuffling through the deck, you’ll notice an emotional reaction to certain cards, accompanied by mental images and thoughts that can help guide you toward understanding each card’s life lessons.

    Tarot cards are designed with many components in mind, such as psychology, astrology, spirituality, and the physical realm.

    Because of this intricacy, each card contains a layer of meaning provided by the symbols that they contain.

    These symbols are carefully chosen and used to tap into the subconscious mind, which has the ability to understand and interpret the world and life for what it truly is, unlike the conscious mind.

    When you gaze into a tarot deck, your subconscious mind is picking up on these symbols and sending messages to your conscious mind trying to help you decipher the energies that they are expressing.

    With continued practice, you create a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind, which enables you to strengthen the foundation of your intuition and widen your perspective.

    The cards are drawn in reading play off each other and help create an overall theme or message when interpreted properly.

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    How Does Tarot Strengthen Your Spirituality?

    man connecting with nature

    As you progress along your spiritual evolution, there are times when you feel lost, unsure, and confused.

    This is a natural process of growth in which you enter new territories which take time to settle into.

    Using tarot during these times allows you to better understand where you’re at energetically and what steps you can take to move forward and establish a balance in your life once again.

    Having tarot as a spiritual tool is like having a wise adviser by your side, answering all of life’s most challenging questions, and painting you a clear picture of how to navigate through them.

    For example, if you’re feeling lost or unsure of what step to take in a specific area of your life, you can ask a tarot deck what the most beneficial action is that you can take.

    From there, the cards drawn paint a picture of the potential action and explain what that action is, how you can make it, and in which area of your life you should take it.

    What Types of Questions Should You Ask?

    woman asking questions to tarot

    When it comes to asking questions, there’s nothing you can’t, as the tarot says.

    Now, there are questions that may be more intricate and complex than you’re able to comprehend when you ask them, but with proper practice and understanding, you can decipher the answers you receive.

    If you are more interested in spiritual growth, then try not to ask the cards simple yes or no questions.

    Sure, you can receive a yes or no answer from tarot, but that’s not entirely what the practice is used for.

    Yes or no is a simple answer, and tarot contains many unique and complex imagery and interpretations that can provide a much more well-rounded answer than that.

    For example, if you’re wondering if you should accept a new job offer, instead of asking yes or no, you could ask, “what will my life look like if I accept it?” or ” what will my life look like if I reject it?”.

    These questions help you gain a deeper sense of the questions you’re asking and allow you to feel the contrasting energies to help you make a more informed and empowered decision.

    Tarot’s main purpose is to help you take action, whether that’s investing more energy into a situation, waiting, or retrieving your energy from it and investing it elsewhere.

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    Tarot & Spiritual Retreats

    spiritual retreat

    Tarot is great as a stand-alone tool but even more powerful when paired with other spiritual methods.

    A spiritual retreat is one of the best ways to learn or experience tarot.

    At a retreat, you’re diving into the depths of yourself and set the intention to grow and expand past the previous version of yourself.

    By using tarot, this process can occur much easier by allowing you to see where your shadows are, where your light is, and how you can combine both of them to elevate into an evolved version of yourself.

    A spiritual retreat provides you the opportunity to connect with others and truly sit with the energies that are present within you, and these energies are easily transmuted and healed once identified with tarot.

    How to Start

    woman talking to her cards

    You can start using tarot as a spiritual practice today.

    Go to your local spiritual store, or shop online and find a deck that resonates with you.

    After that, look through the deck one card at a time and meditate on how each card makes you feel.

    Write it down on an journal and let you mind reflect on it….

    Before learning the true card descriptions, use your intuition to tap into the subconscious and decipher what the various symbols and colors mean to you.

    Then, learning the cards and various spreads to help you develop a strong practice that teaches you to tap into the unknown energies within your life.

    Tarot isn’t just a practice; it’s a gateway into the depths of reality, teaching you to see life from an energetic standpoint and allowing you to understand the root cause of every success, challenge, failure, and gift that the universe presents to you.

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