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How Often Can Tarot Cards Be Read?

    how often can we read tarot cards?

    Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a powerful spiritual tool that people turn to for guidance, support, and insights.

    Whether you want to know more about your career, relationships, life, or even the mystical dimensions of life and reality, tarot cards can provide you with a wide range of answers and perspectives.

    The guidance and insights you receive from a tarot reading can help you navigate the challenges you face with more clarity and purpose.

    It can also help you understand yourself better and learn to live a much more peaceful and content life.

    Naturally, with a spiritual tool as powerful as tarot reading, there are bound to be several questions.

    One of the most common ones is how often tarot cards should be read.

    Many readers often wonder whether there are specific rules that limit the number of readings.

    In this article, I am going to answer this question with my point of view and explore the factors you need to consider when deciding on the frequency of the readings.

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    So, how often can we read tarot cards?

    The right answer to this question is that it depends. There are no hard and fast rules here (most spiritual concepts don’t!). The frequency will depend on the purpose of your reading, whether it is for a particular question/topic, whether it is for a particular area of life, and so on.

    Let’s explore the various purposes and questions to get a better understanding of this.

    1) Regular or Periodic Readings

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    Many people like to do regular and periodic readings. Who doesn’t? lol

    This means they do readings in a pattern.

    For example, some tarot readers like to do daily readings, some like to conduct weekly readings, and some like to do monthly readings.

    Often, the purpose of these types of readings is to ask for guidance for that particular time period.

    For instance, if you do a daily reading, the reason here is to get some guidance for the day. If you do a weekly reading, the reason here is to get some guidance for the entire week.

    In readings like these, there is no specific question or challenge you have in mind. It’s just that you need an overall understanding of how your day, week, or month might unfold and what you need to look out for.

    This is why some readers don’t consider these readings as “official.”

    They think of it as a quick consulting of the cards.

    These types of readings can be beneficial to you if you are a beginner reader.

    They provide you with an opportunity to get more familiar with the cards and learn to read their messages.

    2) When It Relates To A Particular Challenge or Question

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    The second scenario can be one where you are reading for a particular challenge or question.

    Let’s say your friend is frustrated by their new neighbor and wants to know how they can deal with them. ( Does it sound familiar?? lol)

    Now, this is a very specific question or problem. And so, you can usually do a reading for them once.

    So, you can do a reading in this case and tell your friend what the cards are trying to say.

    Even if the answer is not something your friend would like to hear, you need to remain objective and avoid a second reading. The cards have spoken and it is up to your friend whether or not they follow the advice.

    This brings out a very important topic.

    You see, some people keep asking the same question over and over again, hoping to get an answer they like. ( I used to do so haha)

    They do this because the first answer doesn’t suit them!

    But this is not how tarot reading works. Even if you get the answer you like through multiple readings, that will not be the right answer. It is as if the tarot cards were just telling you what you wanted to hear….just to make you stop asking haha.

    Now, this rule can be broken if something changes about the problem.

    Let’s say your friend applied the suggestion of the cards and a different unforeseen situation has now arisen because of that. In this case, you can do another reading to help them with it.

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    3) When It Relates To A Particular Sphere of Life

    This is a very common scenario.

    Most people would like to know about the various areas of their life and what they can expect in the future.

    So, they ask for guidance on their relationships, finances, health, career, spiritual development, and so on.

    In cases like these, you can do a reading for them once a month or two.

    Again, the types of queries will determine the interval between multiple readings.

    For instance, if you are doing a reading for a complex or long-term issue, it might be helpful to consult your tarot cards on a more regular basis.

    For instance, if you are doing a reading for someone who wants to get rid of a complicated issue, you might want the readings to be updated when a significant improvement happens, the solution changes, the method changes, and so on.

    As stated earlier, you can break the rule and do multiple readings if there are new events or new information that can impact the situation.

    However, if it is about a simple or short-term issue, one reading should be enough.

    For instance, a straightforward question such as whether to accept a job offer or not will need only a single reading.

    Words of Wisdom That Might Help…

    You see, to help you decide how often you can read your tarot cards, you can think of tarot readings as if you were asking a friend or a family member for advice or predictions.

    If you had a question in your mind, how often would you ask them about it? Imagine asking your friend the same question again and again……

    This answer will tell you how often you can do a reading on that particular question.

    You wouldn’t keep asking the same question to them, would you?

    You would only do so if there are valid reasons to ask again.

    The bottom line is… be reasonable and use your common sense.

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