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How Tarot Works : what or who is behind the messages we get from the readings

    how tarot works behind the readings

    Have you ever experienced a tarot reading session before? Or have you ever heard about it or seen it in movies or tv shows? Did it tickle your curiosity?

    I am sure it did.

    After all, the whole concept has been shrouded in mystery for centuries! And when you see it in action and realize how transformational it can be, you can’t help but dive right into the world of tarot.

    But the question remains, how does tarot work?

    Many different forces play a role during tarot reading. Things like intuition, guardian angels, energy channeling, higher consciousness, synchronicity, quantum physics, and even psychic abilities can aid in or influence a tarot reading session.

    In this article, I am going to talk about each of these forces in more detail.

    1) Intuition

    girl listening to her intuition on a mountain

    Intuition is often called the sixth sense.

    However, unlike our other five senses, the degree of intuitiveness differs from person to person. When it comes to tarot reading, tarot readers are often very intuitiv or at least they try to learn to tap more and more into their intuition.

    This means that their spiritual perception is at a much higher level than a regular human being. So, they are able to “see” things that other people simply can’t.

    how tarot works quote 1

    Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t develop and heighten your intuition. In fact, most tarot readers start out from scratch and spend years trying to hone their intuitive capabilities. But this still doesn’t answer the question – what is the role of intuition in tarot?

    Well, the answer is simple.

    The imagery used in tarot cards tends to be very symbolic. There are also all sorts of messages hidden within the cards. Plus, you can get multiple cards for the same reading or query.

    So, how does a tarot reader make sense out of all of this? The answer is intuition.

    It is often said that intuition is simply the ability to connect dots and process a given piece of information on a seemingly superhuman level. Basically, intuitive people are able to arrive at the result without having to go through logical steps. This would be similar to performing mathematical calculations, without the intermediary steps.

    So, when a tarot reader sees a particular card or a set of cards, they are instantly able to tap into their intuition and “see” or “understand” what the symbolism means and what the cards are trying to say in relation to the query of the client or their current energies.

    2) Guardian Angels

    spiritual guides in the sky

    I am sure you have heard of guardian angels.

    Throughout the ages, and across various cultures and religions, they have been called by various names.

    They have been called guardian spirits, angels, fairy godmothers, ancestral spirits, protectors, and so on. Despite the different names, they all point to the same spiritual beings that exist in a higher dimension and are tasked with aiding human beings.

    As far as tarot readings are concerned, I truly think that readers can call upon these guardians for guidance, support, and assistance.

    This is why so many readers, before doing a reading, close their eyes and try to establish a connection with their guardian angels. They also actively ask that these angels help them throughout the reading.

    how tarot works quote 2

    So, how do angels or spirits help?

    Well, since they exist on a higher dimension, they can basically see our past, present, and future simultaneously. Obviously, this gives them all the information they need to answer your queries and help you in any manner. However, since they can’t interact with you like other human beings, they do it in their own way.

    In this case, they might give you the information or guidance you need by influencing the selection of particular cards that will point you in a certain direction.

    For example, if you want to know whether you should start dating again after going through a breakup, the angels might bring the “The Lovers” card to your attention so that you can be encouraged to try dating again.

    The guardian angels might also help the tarot readers “see” certain visions that can help them answer the question at hand. Of course, this happens on a subtle level and you need to be in tune with your spiritual side as a tarot reader before this can happen.

    3) Energy Channeling

    hands channeling energy

    What’s amazing about energy channeling is that it happens automatically while you are reading tarot cards.

    That’s because, at the end of the day, everything in the universe is made of the same fundamental energy. As such, you and the tarot cards are also made of the same energy, even though it might not look like it.

    Also, another principle that you need to understand here is that the state of energy of one object/person influences the state of energy of another object/person.

    This is why you start feeling better when you are in the presence of an upbeat and positive person.

    When it comes to tarot, the moment you start touching the tarot cards by shuffling them and picking them out, your energy gets channeled into them. This means, your subconscious thoughts, questions, and even emotions get channeled into the cards. This is where the magic happens.

    The cards you eventually get are the direct result of your state of energy.

    So, you will get only those cards that you need to answer your questions. The stronger your energy, the more relevant cards you will get.

    For example, if you were deeply concerned about your health, you will get cards that can provide you guidance about your health. So, in essence, your own energy helps you by using tarot as a medium.

    4) Higher Consciousness

    rays symbolizing higher conscience

    Higher consciousness is basically a higher power that you may call god, the universe, higher energy, and so on.

    Most people believe in some higher entity that pervades the entirety of existence and is the reason why everything exists in the first place. Most of us also pray to such a power in our day-to-day life.

    But what role does this higher consciousness play in tarot reading?

    Well, it is simple, really! Similar to how you pray, you can also call out to the higher power before you start doing a tarot reading. You can ask it to help you during the reading, to show you the right way, to give you relevant thoughts and visions, and so on.

    You see, when you sincerely stop for a second and establish a connection with divine forces, you are able to raise your own consciousness. This enables you to receive much clearer insights and intuitive information. Basically, you go into a receptive mode that helps you understand the tarot cards on a much subtler level. This understanding goes way beyond logical explanations or intellectual analysis.

    This is probably why many other tarot readers like to keep their cards at their altars at home or in a temple.

    Some readers even have a habit of cleansing their tarot cards with holy water or other sacred substances. I prefer to use a tibetan bowl, more on how to cleanse your cards HERE.

    Throughout the entire history of tarot, a lot of people have associated them with religion, spirituality, and divinity. It has also been strongly believed that divine forces do take heed when you ask them for help during readings.

    how tarot works quote 3

    5) Synchronicity

    clocks for synchronicity

    Synchronicity is a popular concept that has been gaining a lot of interest in recent times.

    It is another important element in the working of tarot.

    You see, synchronicity is the occurrence of multiple events that appear to be significantly related and yet have no visible causal connection.

    This concept was developed by the popular psychologist Carl Jung who described it as, “A meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.”

    The reason why synchronicity exists is that the universe works in cycles and patterns. As such, it is always synchronizing itself in various ways. I mean, take a look at life itself. It is a never-ending process of birth and death. Fashion, too, seems to come and go in cycles. Similarly, black holes suck in a lot of matter, but they also play a role in the creation of new galaxies. Basically, reality is like a grand game and synchronicity is part of its programming.

    So, where does tarot fit into all of this?

    Well, sometimes, you might get the same cards over and over again in your readings. Despite asking different types of questions, the same types of cards might show up repeatedly. If this happens to you, this is basically the universe asking you to pay attention.

    Maybe you need a particular type of guidance or maybe you need to receive a special message to get to the next stage of your life.

    As the popular quote goes, “Once is happenstance. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is an energy action.”

    So, it would be in your best interest to understand and apply the messages of the cards in your life.

    6) Quantum Physics

    quantum particle

    This might sound a little complicated, but I assure you it isn’t.

    In fact, you might have heard of it already.

    If you already know about the law of attraction, then this point will immediately make sense to you.

    Our reality works in mysterious ways and it has several eyebrow-raising features.

    One of these features is that the human mind can impact the reality around it. In fact, quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. In other words, the observer creates their own reality.

    This is also the basis of the law of attraction – you attract what you put your mind to. Now, when it comes to tarot, this feature of our reality can be of immense help. I mean, if you want to learn about any aspect of your life or get one of your burning questions answered, all you need to do is make that the focal point of your attention.

    When you do this, the entire universe will conspire to get you the answers or guidance you seek. And, in this case, it will do so through tarot cards.

    For example, you will observe that you get many more relevant cards that can guide you in the right direction. You will probably also understand the subtle meanings hidden behind the symbolism of the cards.

    This is also one of the best ways to become a great tarot reader. All you need to do is take the query at hand or the energy of a situation seriously and make it the center of your attention. Make sure it seeps into your subconscious mind and allows the universe to speak through you!

    how tarot works quote 4

    7) Psychic Abilities

    man meditating

    Last but certainly least are psychic abilities.

    There are many psychic powers and different tarot readers are blessed with different abilities.

    Now, this is not to say that only psychics can read tarot cards. That is not the case at all. Even if you don’t have any psychic abilities, you can still develop your intuition and become a great tarot card reader.

    However, it cannot be denied that psychic powers can definitely make things easier.

    For example, the power of premonition can be used in addition to the message of the cards to give the querent a much better picture of what to expect.

    Similarly, a highly empathetic person will have a better reading of the energy of the querent and the cards.

    Another example could be channeling spirits. This can take the communication with spiritual guides to a whole other level. Such tarot readers would be able to answer any question with much more confidence and certainty.

    Clairvoyance would be yet another useful psychic ability that can help a tarot reader understand and answer questions about far-off places, people, and events.

    So, basically, psychic abilities are not really needed to become a good tarot reader but they can certainly take things up a notch. As is obvious, different psychic powers give different advantages to a tarot reader. And while some of these abilities can be developed through practice and willpower, most of them cannot.

    So, if you don’t happen to have them, just focus on practicing and you will get there!

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