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How to Feel Grounded Before Tarot Reading: Quick Techniques for Focus and Balance

    feeling grounded before tarot reading

    When it comes to tarot readings, it’s essential for us to feel grounded and centered before diving into the spiritual realm.

    By grounding ourselves, we’re able to better connect with our intuition, making our tarot reading experiences more insightful and meaningful.

    Grounding can be both simple and complex, but its primary goal is to help us reconnect with our physical senses and find a sense of safety and stability.

    This process allows us to be more present, focused, and better prepared for the guidance and wisdom that tarot readings may offer us.

    Understanding Grounding


    Grounding is a process that helps us connect with our true spiritual selves and feel secure, stable, and present in our bodies and lives.

    When we are grounded, we can maintain our balance and sense of calmness, regardless of the circumstances around us.

    Feeling grounded is particularly essential when engaging in activities like tarot reading, as the practice requires us to tap into our intuition and connect with higher spiritual energies.

    The Importance of Grounding

    Being grounded allows us to access our intuition with greater clarity and focus during tarot readings.

    When our minds are calm, and we are present in our bodies, we find it easier to understand and interpret the messages of the cards.

    Grounding also helps us set aside our own biases or emotional responses, enabling us to give accurate and insightful readings for ourselves or others.

    Furthermore, grounding promotes emotional self-care and clears our energy fields, which is crucial for tarot readers who frequently interact with the energy of others. By staying grounded, we can protect our energy fields, ensuring that we maintain a healthy boundary between our own energy and that of the people we read for.

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    Effects of Grounding on Tarot Reading

    Grounding has several positive effects on tarot reading:

    • Enhanced intuition: When we feel connected to the earth and present in our bodies, it becomes easier to access our intuitive capabilities, leading to more accurate and insightful tarot readings.
    • Clearer communication: Grounding helps us communicate the messages we receive from the cards in a clear and compassionate manner, allowing us to provide guidance that feels genuinely helpful to the person being read.
    • Emotional stability: Grounding before a tarot reading can help stabilize our emotions, ensuring that our own personal emotions don’t interfere with the interpretation of the cards.
    • Energy protection: As mentioned earlier, grounding is essential for maintaining healthy energetic boundaries and preventing energy drain or absorption of others’ emotions during tarot readings.

    In conclusion, grounding plays a significant role in preparing us for tarot readings, ensuring that we are emotionally stable, energetically protected, and more equipped to provide accurate and insightful guidance.

    By incorporating grounding techniques into our tarot practice, we can enhance our overall experience and deepen our connection to the cards and the spiritual energies they represent.

    Techniques for Grounding

    person meditating

    In this section, we’ll explore three techniques to help you feel grounded before a tarot reading. These techniques are Breathing Exercises, Body Awareness, and Visualizations.

    Breathing Exercises

    One of the most effective methods to ground ourselves before a tarot reading is through deep, focused breathing exercises.

    Start by inhaling deeply for 4 counts, then hold your breath for 4 counts as well, and exhale also for 4 counts. Repeat this cycle a few times, while keeping the focus on each breath, and allowing any tension or anxiety to dissolve.

    Another breathing exercise to try is the 4-7-8 method.

    Inhaling through your nose for a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 7, and exhale through your mouth for a count of 8. This technique can help reduce stress and enhance relaxation, providing a stable foundation for a successful tarot reading.

    Body Awareness

    Another valuable grounding technique is becoming aware of our bodies and identifying any areas that may be holding tension or energy.

    Start at your feet and work your way up, scanning each part of your body for any discomfort or tightness.

    When you find an area that needs attention, take a deep breath and imagine the tension melting away as you exhale. Gabby Bernstein suggests doing a body scan throughout the day to maintain overall groundedness.

    Practicing grounding poses, like the tree pose, may also encourage and help connect us to the earth, further enhancing our sense of stability and balance.

    This pose requires standing on one leg with the other foot resting on the inner thigh of the standing leg while raising your arms overhead. It’s a great way to improve focus and overall grounding before a tarot reading.

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    Using guided imagery and visualization exercises can help center and ground us before a tarot reading.

    A common technique is visualizing a tree with its roots firmly connected to the earth.

    As we imagine ourselves as the tree, we can feel the strength and support provided by our roots while drawing energy upward to enrich our reading experience. You can simply do it for 3-5 minutes to begin with… and build up from there every week, adding maybe 1 or 2 minutes… 🙂

    Another effective visualization involves imagining a golden light ( from the sun for example) surrounding our bodies, protecting and grounding us as we prepare for our tarot reading. This golden light can provide a sense of security, confidence, and heightened intuition, all essential elements for a successful tarot reading.

    Preparing Your Space

    altar for tarot

    In order to feel grounded before a tarot reading, it’s essential to prepare your space properly. Let’s walk through the steps in order to create a sacred and cleansed environment.

    Creating a Sacred Space

    First, choose a quiet room with soft lighting to allow for better focus and mindfulness during the reading.

    Decluttering the area is important, as it helps to maintain positive energy flow. ( My place is often messy as I like to buy new tarot decks…. but I am sure I am not the only one haha)

    After decluttering, consider decorating the space with some charged items, such as quartz or amethyst crystals. They can enhance the psychic and positive energy.

    Remember to let your creativity flow and make the space your own. Personal touches can bring a warm, comforting atmosphere to your tarot reading space, helping you feel more connected and grounded.

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    Cleansing Your Environment

    Once you’ve created a sacred space, it’s necessary to cleanse the environment of any negative energies that might interfere with the reading.

    Some popular methods include burning sage or palo santo, sprinkling salt around the area, or using a cleansing spray made with essential oils.

    After the cleansing process, it’s essential to ground yourself by getting connected with the earth’s energy.

    This can be done through visualization techniques, such as imagining roots growing from your feet, or physically touching the ground with your hands. As you know, grounding helps maintain your awareness and connection to the present moment during the tarot reading.

    With these steps, your tarot reading space will be ready, allowing you to focus on the cards and connect with the insights they offer.

    Connecting with Your Tarot Deck

    tarot cards on a table

    Connecting with your tarot deck is essential for gaining accurate and meaningful insights during readings.

    In this section, we’ll explore two essential steps for establishing a strong connection with your deck: cleansing your deck and developing a relationship with your deck.

    Cleansing Your Deck

    It’s important to cleanse your deck to remove any lingering energies from previous readings, manufacturing, or handling by other people. This process ensures that your deck starts with a clean slate for every reading. There are several ways to cleanse your deck:

    • Sacred smoke: Burn sage or other cleansing herbs and pass the cards through the smoke, focusing on the intention of cleansing.
    • Crystals: Place a cleansing crystal, like clear quartz or selenite, on or near your deck to absorb negative energies.
    • Moonlight: Place the deck under the light of a full moon to recharge and release unwanted energies.
    • Shuffling: Shuffle your deck with the intention of releasing old energies and cleansing the cards. This is a simple, yet powerful way to cleanse your deck regularly.
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    Developing a Relationship with Your Deck

    To truly connect with your tarot deck, you should develop a strong bond and understanding of the cards.

    This process might require time and effort, but the deeper your connection, the more accurate and insightful your readings will be. Here are some ways to foster a relationship with your tarot deck:

    1. Handling the cards: Spend time touching, shuffling, and looking at the cards to familiarize yourself with their images and texture.
    2. Grounding yourself: Practice grounding techniques, such as deep breathing or visualizing your roots connecting with the earth, before working with your deck. This helps to center your energy and ensure a stronger connection with the cards.
    3. Meditation: Meditate with your deck in your hands or nearby to further deepen your connection and attunement with its energy.
    4. Drawing a daily card: Pull a card each day for guidance or reflection. This daily practice will help you become comfortable with the deck’s imagery and messages.

    Developing a strong relationship with your tarot deck is essential for achieving accurate and meaningful readings. If you take the time to cleanse and connect with your cards, you’ll create a bond that will enhance your tarot journey.

    Maintaining Your Grounded State

    person meditating with closed eyes

    As tarot readers, it’s essential to maintain a grounded state, not only before but also during and after reading tarot.

    This helps us stay connected to our intuition, provide clear guidance, and maintain our emotional well-being.

    Regular Practice

    Grounding practices are most effective when done regularly as it helps to really make this habit stick. It’s important for us to establish a daily routine. It supports our ability to stay centered and grounded in any situation. This routine can include activities such as:

    • Regular meditation
    • Daily walks in nature
    • Yoga or other physical exercises
    • Journaling

    By incorporating these activities into our daily lives, we can more easily maintain our grounded state when we need it while reading tarot.

    Adapting Techniques for Personal Preferences

    Every tarot reader is unique and may resonate with different grounding techniques.

    It’s important for us to explore various methods and adapt them to suit our personal preferences.

    Adaptability is key to finding the most effective grounding strategies for ourselves.

    For example, some tarot readers might prefer more spiritual grounding practices, such as chakra cleansing or grounding visualizations. Others may find more success in simple and practical activities like deep breathing exercises or mindfulness techniques.

    The key is for you to try different methods and see which ones resonate best with your individual needs and preferences.

    As we continue to grow as tarot readers, it’s essential for us to prioritize our well-being by maintaining a grounded state.

    With regular practice and adaptability, we can provide the best possible guidance and support to those who seek our tarot wisdom.

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