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15 Ways To Bond With Your Tarot Cards

    Ways to bond with your tarot cards

    How to bond or connect with your tarot cards ?

    Tarot cards are more than just a divination or spiritual tool.

    Every tarot reader in the world knows this.

    Your cards gradually become an extension of yourself and you form a deep bond with them just as you would with a human being.

    In essence, they become your friend or a spirit guide that can support you and guide you in the right direction.

    If you’ve got yourself a new deck of cards, or want to enhance your connection with your existing deck, here are fifteen ways you can do so.

    1) Cleanse Your Tarot deck

    person holding a sage stick to cleanse the energies

    Ok, so before you start, you need to cleanse your tarot cards… especially if it is a new deck.

    This is because your tarot cards come in contact with so many people from the moment they are created to the moment they are delivered to you or you buy them in the market.

    These people can have all types of energies and your cards can definitely hold onto them.

    So, to make sure that your cards only assimilate your energies, it is essential to clear the old energies away. Also, if you have an existing deck, you should still cleanse them to clear it of any residual energy from previous readings.

    Cleansing of tarot cards can be done in various ways. Check our article about how and when to cleanse your tarot cards Here.

    You can smudge them with sage, leave them on the window sill overnight under the moonlight, use crystals, use singing bowls, place them in a bowl of salt, and so on.

    This will lay the groundwork to bond with them.

    2) Create A Sacred Space

    sacred space for tarot

    Many tarot readers have a dedicated sacred space for their readings.

    It could be a small altar or a simple corner of your home with some candles, crystals, or things that have personal significance.

    The point is to have a separate space where you can be completely involved with the cards and the process of reading.

    Having a sacred space also helps you establish a sense of focus and intention. This can make your readings more powerful and meaningful. And it can certainly help you connect with them on a deeper level.

    So, you can choose a quiet and comfortable spot in your home, just as you would for a meditation session.

    You can then cleanse that space by smudging it or by using crystals.

    This purifies the energy of the space and creates a serene environment for your readings. Then, you can decorate the space as you like and store your cards there. ( Check our article about where to store your cards Here)

    connect with tarot quote 1

    3) Meditate With Your Cards

    person meditating

    Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that is still relevant today in countless ways.

    Not only can you use it to grow spiritually, but you can also use it to form a strong connection with your cards.

    That’s because, when you meditate, you start vibrating at a higher frequency. In this state, the very way you perceive and interact with your surroundings changes.

    For instance, when you meditate with your cards, you are able to interact with them on the level of energy and vibrations.

    As such, it becomes much easier for you to get in sync with them.

    • To meditate with your cards, you can sit in your sacred space on a cushion or yoga mat.
    • Then, you can take a few deep breaths and come into a state of relaxation.
    • Then, take your deck of cards in your hands, close your eyes, and anchor your attention on them.
    • Feel their weight, texture, and energy in your hands.
    • Visualize an energetic chord forming between the cards and your heart chakra. After a few minutes, you can open your eyes and place the cards on your altar.

    More often than not, you will fee the difference with your tarot deck in the coming days….

    4) Study The Symbolism

    tarot cards on a table

    Tarot cards are steeped in symbolism with a fascinating history.

    Every single card is designed in an intricate manner and the artwork you see on them can tell a million different stories.

    The figures and symbols can tell you a lot about what the cards stand for. If you want to bond with them and form a deeper connection, you need to go over every card and study its symbolism.

    Think of it as spending more time with a potential best friend. Initially, you hit it off and that’s great. But you will only get to know them better if you spend time with them. You’ll have to learn about their preferences, views, likes and dislikes, abilities, nature, and so on.

    Similarly, understanding the symbolism of the cards helps you gain a greater understanding of their messages and how they relate to your life and queries.

    One of the most famous book about the symbolism of the tarot is this one HERE on amazon. You will find the meaning of the 10 most important symbols for each card. It is really well explained and easy to understand…. You don’t need a phD haha.

    You can also research their historical and cultural origins, as well as the archetypes they represent.

    This will make your understanding of them even deeper and that will enhance your readings.

    5) Conduct A Ritual

    sage for rituals

    Spiritual practices involve all sorts of rituals.

    In fact, you can create your very own ritual if you want!

    The point of a ritual is to help you bring your attention and energies to the present moment and involve yourself completely in what you’re doing. This leads to much better results when it comes to your spiritual practices.

    To that end, you can conduct a ritual to bond with your cards.

    You can follow one that already exists or you can create your own.

    Also, your ritual could be as simple or elaborate as you like. However, it should be meaningful and intentional. This will help you tap into the power of the cards and set intentions for the future.

    Let’s take an example of a powerful ritual that you can do on a full moon night.

    • You can first create a sacred space and cleanse it with incense sticks or clary sage.
    • Then, you can decorate it with crystals, light some candles, and place other objects that resonate with you.
    • Then, you can sit in silence with your cards in your hands.
    • Set an intention to connect with them on a subtler level. Then, visualize the energies of the moon washing over you and your cards and creating a sense of union between your energies.
    • Stay in this state for a while.

    I like to do so everytime I feel I need to renew the energy surrounding my cards.

    6) Use Your Cards For Daily Guidance

    daily guidance with vera sibilla

    This is a very simple yet effective method to connect with your cards gradually. This is what I do every day with some of my decks… Ok ok maybe not everyday because I sometimes use the snooze button of my phone too much and I end up being late haha.

    As you use your cards, you will slowly build a bond with them without even realizing it.

    This happens because the more you read your cards, the more you understand their meanings and messages and how they connect with your life.

    So, make sure you take a few moments each day to shuffle the cards, connect with them mentally, and draw a card.(Note that on the picture above, I used my vera sibilla deck, I like to draw 3 cards instead of 1 to get my daily reading. You can find this awesome oracle deck on amazon at a cheap price HERE. )

    Consider this card as guidance for the day. You can reflect on its meaning and remember it as you go about your day.

    You can also ask yourself questions like, “What can I learn from this card?” “How can I apply its message today?” “How does it connect to my life events?” etc.

    Doing this daily will form a habit and you will soon find that interpreting the messages of the cards starts to come naturally.

    Note : when I use a lenormand deck or a vera sibilla deck to do my daily reading, I usually like to draw 3 cards to get the most of it as these systems tend to represent more concrete situations. So, you need several cards to really understand the daily message 🙂

    connect with tarot quote 2

    7) Talk To Your Cards

    woman talking to her cards

    This might seem a little weird at first.

    But like me you can look at your cards as your close friend or a spirit guide that is physically present with you.

    This will make talking to them a little easier.

    So, how do you talk to your cards?

    Well, you can start by holding your deck in your hands and speaking to them as you would with your friend.

    You could introduce yourself to them and tell them more about yourself.

    You could also tell them why you want to get into the world of tarot.

    Once this is out of the way, you can talk about your day to your cards on a regular basis. You can also ask them questions, share your thoughts and feelings, and express gratitude for their guidance.

    By talking to your tarot cards, you can develop a deeper understanding of their energy and wisdom, and strengthen your bond with the deck.

    Note: Besides connecting more with your tarot deck, saying out loud what bothers you compels you to clarify your problem and most of the time, getting a clearer picture leads you to finding the solutions…..

    8) Keep A Tarot Journal

    tarot journal on a table

    This is another very powerful method to form a bond with your cards.

    It involves maintaining a tarot journal where you write down your thoughts and impressions after each reading. ( you can find lovely tarot journals to keep track of your readings such as this one HERE on amazon.)

    It can help you get better insights, observe patterns, and learn to interpret the messages of the cards better.

    You can start by selecting a diary or journal that you would be happy to write in every day.

    Then, after every reading, you can take some time to write down your thoughts and reflections in your journal.

    Make sure you mention details like the date, the cards you drew, what was going on in your mind during the reading, any realizations that hit after the reading, or any insights that came through.

    Over time, your journal will serve as a way to track your progress and identify themes in your readings.

    This will help you become a better tarot reader and form a deeper connection with your tarot cards.

    9) Sleep With Your Cards

    person sleeping

    This is a very intimate way of connecting with your cards that a lot of tarot readers use.

    All you need to do is keep your tarot cards close to you while you sleep at night.

    You could keep them on your nightstand, under your pillow, on a table in your bedroom, etc.

    When you keep your cards close to you, I think we start forming an energetic connection with them. You also start to tap into their energy on a subconscious level.

    Do not be surprised if you start getting vivid dreams that provide valuable insights and messages from your spirit guides.

    Just be sure to handle your cards with care, and keep them in a safe and secure place while you sleep to avoid damage or loss.

    10) Create Your Own Spreads

    woman creating a tarot spread

    Different tarot readers love to use different spreads for various types of readings and questions.

    The beauty of tarot is that you can practice it the way it speaks to you.

    It’s an interactive practice where you and your cards are constantly evolving in response to each other.

    So, you can experiment with different tarot spreads and see which ones you can connect to more easily.

    This allows you to tailor the layout according to what feels “right.” Doing so can help explore specific themes or questions that are relevant to your life.

    To create a spread you need to first start with a central theme or question you want to explore.

    Then, you need to think about how many cards you would need to answer your particular question.

    Also, think about how they should be arranged and read. This process can be both intuitive and structured, allowing you to tap into your own creativity.

    If you need some inspiration for your spread, check this awesome book HERE with tons of spreads to choose from. ( amazon)

    11) Use Tarot Affirmations

    woman saying affirmations out loud

    Most people use affirmations when they want to manifest their dreams or desires.

    However, affirmations can also be used to form a strong connection with your tarot cards. If you didn’t already know, affirmations are short, positive statements that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day.

    In the context of tarot cards, you can come up with custom affirmations that can slowly make you believe that you and your tarot cards are completely in sync.

    Some examples are as follows:

    • I trust my intuition and the messages of the tarot cards.
    • I am in alignment with the energies of the tarot cards.
    • I am grateful for the support and guidance that my tarot cards provide me.
    • My tarot cards reveal the wisdom and guidance I need in this moment.
    • I am worthy of receiving insights that the tarot cards have to offer.
    • I trust the power of the tarot cards to guide me forward on my path.
    connect with tarot quote 3

    12) Share Your Readings With Others

    friends discussing

    This might take a little confidence on your part, especially if you are a beginner tarot reader and have never shared your readings with other people.

    But when you start doing this, it will bring a whole new dimension to your tarot reading practice.

    So, what are you supposed to do in this regard?

    Well, for example, you can discuss with your loved ones what your “tarot card of the day” told you this morning. You can tell them how exactly your tarot cards have been helping you recently. You can also mention all the insights and guidance you have received.

    By discussing your readings with others, you can gain new perspectives on the cards and the messages they contain. This is what I started for the vera sibilla cards. I found others readers who were also studying this deck and along the way I also found a great friend 🙂

    This can be particularly helpful if you’re struggling to interpret a reading or if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on a particular situation or question.

    Who knows, your loved ones might actually say something that can switch on the light bulb for you!

    13) Carry Your Cards With You

    woman with her bag

    A lot of tarot readers prefer to carry their cards with them in their backpacks or purse wherever they go.

    This allows them to do spontaneous readings no matter where they are.

    But needless to say, this can also be a great way to strengthen your connection with your tarot cards.

    Having your cards with you can help you stay connected to the energy of the cards all the time and tap into your intuition as needed. You can take a moment to shuffle and draw a card whenever you need guidance, insight, or inspiration.

    In a way, this can be the perfect way for you to cultivate a deeper sense of trust in your cards.

    Additionally, having your cards nearby can serve as a powerful reminder of your connection to the divine and to the universe.

    14) Trust Your Intuition

    woman listening to her intuition

    Intuition is an integral part of tarot reading. It’s your window to the world of tarot that allows the light of wisdom and insight to come in.

    The more you sharpen your intuition, the better you will be as a tarot reader and the stronger your connection will be with the cards.

    For instance, your intuition can guide you toward the cards that hold the most significance for you and your queries. And you will just “know” what the cards are trying to tell you.

    Now, you might be wondering how exactly can you trust your intuition.

    Well, this will come with practice.

    The more open-minded you remain and the more involved you are with your practice, the easier it will get over time. So, just enjoy the journey and let things work out on their own. You are going to enjoy the ride 🙂 guaranteed 🙂

    15) Respect Your Cards

    woman showing respect to the universe

    Finally, we come to respect.

    Just as respect is the fundamental force that binds all relationships, it is this quality that will help you form a strong bond with your tarot cards.

    In a way, we can say that respect is a sacred thing that acts as a glue that binds things and people together.

    So, what does respect look like when it comes to tarot cards?

    Well, for starters, you can handle them gently while you’re shuffling them, placing them on a surface, and reading them. You should also use clean and sacred spaces to store them when not in use.

    Additionally, taking time to cleanse and consecrate your cards before using them can also demonstrate respect for the cards and the energies they hold.

    Remember, these cards hold a significant amount of spiritual and energetic power, and they will respond to how you treat them.

    So, do everything you can to show respect and the cards will respond in kind.

    I hope you liked this article about how to bond or connect with your tarot cards. If you are looking for more ways to connect with your tarot deck, feel free to check this book HERE on amazon. It is quite fun.

    In the meantime, ask the cards and enjoy 🙂

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