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Why Do We Knock on Tarot Cards? Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Ritual

    why we knock on tarot cards

    When it comes to tarot card reading, many readers practice the tradition of knocking on their tarot cards. ( I am one of them haha)

    You might wonder why this seemingly simple action is so important and what purpose it serves. I admit I did follow blindly this ritual when I began my tarot journey. And it suited me fine….. 🙂

    In this article, we’ll explore why we knock on tarot cards, looking at various explanations and theories around this time-honored custom.

    Knocking on tarot cards is regarded as an effective way to reset the energy of our cards, ensuring accurate readings time and time again.

    It’s fascinating that such a small act can have a significant impact on a card reading.

    To fully understand the reasons behind knocking on tarot cards, we’ll delve into how it clears negative energy, prepares cards for positive energy and initiates the reading process.

    As we investigate the origins and meaning of knocking on tarot cards, we’ll also touch upon other cleansing rituals and techniques used by tarot readers worldwide.

    So, let’s get started and uncover the mysteries surrounding this intriguing practice.

    Why Do We Knock on Tarot Cards?

    person ready to knock on tarot card deck

    As tarot card readers, we often knock on our tarot cards before a reading.

    But why do we do this? Is it just an old-fashioned tradition, or does it hold some deeper meaning?

    Knocking on tarot cards is actually an important step to prepare the deck for an accurate reading.

    By knocking on the cards, we are resetting the energy of the cards. This ensures they are ready for the new tarot reading. We also do this to ensure the energy and intent of our reading are pure and accurate.

    Another key reason we knock on our tarot cards is to clear away any negative energy that may have built up around them after previous readings or interactions. This way, the cards are prepared to receive positive energy for the current reading.

    Some of us also believe that the sound of knocking on the cards helps to activate them and get the reading started. It is a way to wake up the cards and infuse our intentions into them for the upcoming reading (source).

    In a nutshell, knocking on tarot cards is a simple cleanse and reset ritual. That helps us maintain the accuracy and positive energy of our readings.

    The Importance of Energy in Tarot Readings

    tarot cards with crystal energy around

    As tarot readers, we know that the energy surrounding a tarot reading is crucial to obtaining accurate and meaningful insights.

    Let’s discuss the importance of energy in tarot readings and how setting intent and incorporating rituals can enhance our spiritual connections.

    Setting Intent

    When we prepare for a tarot reading, our intention plays a significant role in shaping the energy and directing the insights we receive.

    By setting a clear intention before we begin, we can ensure that our tarot deck aligns with our purpose and provides valuable guidance.

    To set an intention, we can hold our deck in our hands, close our eyes, and take a moment to focus on the question or situation we want guidance on. By doing this, we invite positive energies and open ourselves to receiving the messages from the cards.


    Incorporating rituals into our tarot practice helps us establish a deeper spiritual connection with our cards and creates an energetic space conducive to insightful readings.

    One common ritual is knocking on tarot cards. ( what a surprise haha)

    Knocking on the cards clears away any negative energy that may have built up. This also prepares them to receive positive energy for the reading. By knocking on our deck or tapping it three times, we can also visualize stuck energy being released and make way for new, flowing energy (Biddy Tarot).

    Along with knocking, there are various other rituals we can adopt, such as smudging our deck with sage, meditating with our cards, or placing crystals on our deck. These rituals help cleanse and reset the energy of our cards, ensuring we achieve accurate readings every time.

    By setting clear intentions and adding rituals like knocking on our cards, we create a positive energetic space. That deepens our connection to not only our tarot deck but also to ourselves and our spiritual paths.

    The Process of Knocking on Tarot Cards

    knocking gesture

    How to Knock or Tap

    When knocking or tapping on our tarot cards, it’s recommended to use our dominant hand, as this is thought to be more in tune with our energy.

    We should lightly tap the deck three times, allowing our focus and intention to flow from our hand into the cards.

    This simple action is believed to cleanse and energize our tarot cards, preparing them for a reading.

    Shuffling the Deck

    After knocking or tapping, shuffling the deck is a crucial step in a tarot reading. We can use various shuffling techniques, such as overhand, riffle, or any method you like. Shuffling helps to mix the cards, clearing out any lingering energy from previous readings and ensuring that they are ready to provide an accurate and insightful message.

    While shuffling, we focus on the question or issue at hand, allowing our intuition and energy to connect with the deck.

    This process ensures that the cards picked during the reading will have the most significant relevance to us.

    Resetting Energy

    Knocking on tarot cards is also an essential practice for resetting energy in our deck. Over time, stuck energy can accumulate, affecting the clarity and accuracy of future readings.

    By knocking or tapping, reshuffling, and focusing on our intentions, we can effectively clear and reset the energy within our tarot cards.

    That is why I like to knock on my tarot cards before AND after the reading 🙂

    Moreover, regularly resetting the energy in our deck is vital, especially after intense or challenging readings. It helps maintain the cards’ vibrancy and ensures that they continue to provide insightful guidance and wisdom.

    Other Cleansing Techniques for Tarot Cards

    ritual with sage

    Keeping our tarot cards cleansed is essential for accurate readings and maintaining the integrity of our decks. There are various methods to cleanse tarot cards ( you can check our article HERE) , and in this section, we will discuss a few popular techniques, including using sage and smoke, crystal cleansing, moon energies, and salt.

    Using Sage and Smoke

    Sage has been used for centuries to cleanse and purify energy. To cleanse our tarot cards using sage, we can light a bundle of dried sage stick. We then “use” the smoke to envelop our cards. We can also use other smoke-cleansing methods such as burning incense or Palo Santo. That also helps to release any negative energies and create a fresh environment for tarot readings.

    Crystal Cleansing

    Crystals have their unique energy properties and can be used to cleanse our tarot cards. To perform a crystal cleansing, we can place a chosen crystal like clear quartz, amethyst, or selenite on top of our deck or set the deck on a large, flat crystal [source].

    Moon Energies

    One of the most potent cleansing techniques involves harnessing the power of moonlight.

    Placing our tarot cards in the light of a full moon can help us to reset and recharge their energies. We can simply leave our deck outdoors or by the window where the full moon can illuminate them for a few hours. This method not only cleanses the cards but also imbues them with the natural energies of the moon.


    Salt is another powerful cleansing agent that we can use on our tarot cards.

    Burying our cards in a bowl of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt can help absorb and neutralize any negative energies. Make sure the cards are wrapped or sealed in a protective material to prevent direct contact with the salt. You don’t want to ruin your cards.

    Roles of Specific Tarot Cards

    tarot cards on a table

    For those interested in learning about the tarot, understanding the roles and meanings of specific cards is crucial.

    First and foremost, tarot cards are split into two main groups: the major arcana and the minor arcana.

    • The 22 cards of the major arcana represent significant life events, spiritual lessons, and deep psychosocial archetypes.
    • The 56 cards of the minor arcana deal more with day-to-day affairs and situations.

    The minor arcana is further divided into four suits, each associated with a particular element and specific life aspects:

    • Swords: Representing the element of air. The suit of swords deals with the intellect, thoughts, and decision-making processes. It often alludes to challenges, conflicts, or the need to make important choices.
    • Cups: Associated with the element of water. The cups suit focuses on emotions, relationships, and matters of the heart. Cups cards can reveal feelings, connections, or emotional healing paths.
    • Wands: Symbolizing the element of fire. Wands cards relate to creativity, inspiration, and action. This suit often indicates the presence of opportunities, motivation, or personal growth.
    • Pentacles: Connected to the element of earth. The suit of pentacles addresses material matters, financial concerns, and physical aspects of life. Pentacles cards can offer insights about work, stability, and prosperity.

    When we work with tarot, we use both the major and minor arcana cards to gain a deeper understanding of the events, emotions, and actions that shape our reality.

    By interpreting the meanings of specific tarot cards, we can better guide and support those seeking answers through the art of divination.

    Connecting with Spirit Guides and Permission

    spiritual guides in the sky

    Also, when working with tarot cards, connecting with our spirit guides can help deepen our understanding of the messages and insights we receive.

    Spirit guides are spirits that were once human or animal. They are here to offer guidance and protection during our time on Earth.

    It is good practice to ask for permission from our spirit guides before conducting a tarot reading. It shows respect and fosters a stronger connection.

    Before shuffling our tarot or oracle cards, we can call upon our spirit guides for assistance.

    We may feel an energy shift around us or sense a presence, as our spirit guides acknowledge our request for their help(source). It is important to be open to their presence and trust the guidance they provide.

    In addition to connecting with our spirit guides, I then usually knock on my tarot cards to clear any lingering negative energies from previous readings. I then shuffle the cards and go on with my reading.

    Remember to approach your spirit guides with gratitude and an open heart. Trusting their guidance and respecting their presence by seeking permission creates a powerful connection. This definitely enhances your tarot card readings.

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