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How To Use Tarot Cards For Manifestation

    how to use tarot for manifestation

    We all know that tarot is a great spiritual tool you can turn to for guidance and insights into various situations.

    You can always trust it to help you deal with your challenges and gain more clarity about the future. But did you know that you can use tarot cards to manifest your dreams as well?

    If you’re scratching your head right now, fret not. That’s exactly what I was doing when I first heard of this concept. But then, as you practice it, you will realize just how important a companion it can be in making your dreams come true.

    So, how do you use tarot cards for manifestation?

    There are an infinite number of ways, to be honest. That’s because you can create any number of methods based on your preferences. But usually, tarot cards can be used to enhance your visualization, practice gratitude, get insights into the right decisions, attract the energy of your dreams, and much more.

    In this article, I will be talking about the various ways you can use tarot cards to manifest your dreams and desires. But before that, let’s talk about what manifestation even means.

    What Is Manifestation?

    person meditating

    You might have heard this word a lot in the past decade.

    In some ways, it has become a household term. So much so that people have started using it in all sorts of contexts and ideas. In fact, many people have made it sound too mystical or occultish.

    But trust me, manifestation is a legit thing and it happens on a practical level.

    For example, let’s say you want to drink coffee. What do you do next? You either head over to your kitchen and make yourself a cup, or you head out to a cafe. This is you manifesting your desire to drink coffee. As simple as that. There was nothing else involved.

    Of course, coffee is a simple desire and you were in control of each of the intermediary steps. But there might be things that are not that simple and the luck factor plays an important role. It is for desires like these that you might need some extra help.

    And that’s where tarot cards come in.

    How To Use Tarot Cards For Manifestation

    tarot cards and a notebook on a bed

    As I stated in the beginning, there are any number of ways you can use tarot cards to get what you want.

    To be frank, it’s not about how you do it. It’s about how intense your intentions are and how bright your desire is burning. This is what I’ve learned personally. If you want it badly enough, the universe will find a way to get it to you.

    But to make things a little easier for you, so that you have something to begin with, let’s take a look at some effective methods.

    1) Set A Clear Intention

    Okay, even before you start using the tarot cards, you need to first be clear about your intention. I mean, if you don’t know the direction you’re heading, does it even make sense to move forward?

    You would most probably get lost and keep wandering around in circles!

    In fact, that’s what’s happening with most people today.

    Knowing what you want might seem easy, but it is not.

    Sometimes, the heart doesn’t know what it truly wants. Sometimes, we are so influenced by other people’s dreams and achievements that we forget to understand what it is that we want for our own selves. And so, we end up making their dreams our own. Tragic but true.

    So, take a day or two (or even a week if you want to) and figure out your intentions. Take stock of your life and see whether you’re happy. If not, what it is that will make you happy?

    When you look five years or ten years down the road, how do you want to see yourself? When you close your eyes, what is that one thing that you want to achieve?

    The answers to these questions are important because they will directly lead you to the next steps. In fact, you need to have a clear vision in order for any of the below methods to work.

    how to use tarot for manifestation quote 1

    2) The Visualization Method

    Once you’re clear about your intention, we can bring tarot cards into the fold.

    And things get really interesting from here on. After all, when you are driven by passion in your heart and a vision in your mind, wonders happen right in front of your eyes.

    So, let’s say you want to manifest wealth (who doesn’t, am I right?). To attract wealth into your life, you can make use of one tarot card of your choice. It could be any card you like, but it should preferably be one that is already connected to the energy of money. If you don’t know which ones represent abundance and wealth, you could do a quick search online.

    Still, you should begin by shuffling the cards. As you do so, close your eyes and visualize the money flowing into your bank account. Picture yourself living in your dream home and driving your dream car. Feel the energy of money spread throughout your being and into the cards.

    Then, when you’re ready, go through the cards one by one and pick the one you connect with the most.

    Let’s say you select the Nine of Pentacles. Look at this card and take in all its detail. See how the lady in the card is standing surrounded by lush greenery and gold-like coins. Look at how elegant she is and how calm her body language is. Money can enable this for you too. Just picture it.

    3) Create A Manifestation Altar

    altar for tarot

    This is a very effective method that is mostly used by regular practitioners of tarot.

    Once you get the hang of it, you will love to do it daily. Not only can it help you manifest your dreams and desires, but it can also help you achieve a meditative state. So, you will not only advance materialistically but also spiritually.

    How great is that?

    Anyway, you can start by setting up an altar at your home. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate. You could use a small shelf or even just a table in a corner. Then, you can use a silk or cotton cloth and spread it over the surface. Remember, you are creating a sacred space for yourself. So, every little detail will count.

    At the end of the day, though, your intention will matter more. If you designate this space as sacred in your mind, the energy will follow that intention.

    Once you’re ready, you can place your tarot cards on the altar. Then, close your eyes and try to center yourself. Just be aware of your desire or dream in the back of your mind. Then, pick the card you associate with your desire and place it on top of the pile. Let’s go back to the same example above. So, in this case, you will pick out the Nine of Pentacles and put it on top.

    To amplify the energies and take things to a whole other level, you can also use crystals and candles. Crystals are powerful objects that can not only amplify the intensity of your intention but can literally attract the right energies to manifest your dreams.

    So, for instance, if you want to attract money, you can place Green Jade, Citrine, Aventurine, or Pyrite on your altar. You can also burn a green candle (as green signifies money) to further enhance the aura of the room.

    Finally, you can close your eyes again and state your intention out loud. Or you could meditate while thinking about your dream.

    how to use tarot for manifestation quote 2

    4) Carry Your Card/s With You

    Crystal practitioners will be well aware of this method.

    Usually, people who use crystals for healing carry their crystals around throughout the day. This ensures that the energy of the crystal stays with them all the time and can benefit the person.

    You can do the same with your card as well. You can carry the card that you identified and picked in the above two methods and take it with you wherever you go. For instance, you could keep it in your backpack, purse, or even your pocket (if it is large enough). Just make sure you don’t end up damaging the card.

    Also, if you want, you can carry a different tarot card than the one you picked for visualization and your altar.

    So, let’s say you picked Nine of Pentacles to put on your altar. But you can choose to carry The Empress card during the day (or the Emperor haha). This card, too, has the energy of wealth.

    At the end of the day, it’s about surrounding yourself with the type of energy you want to attract in your life. If you want wealth, be around the energy of wealth. It’s as simple as that! As the law of attraction says, like attracts like.

    how to use tarot for manifestation quote 3

    5) Ask The Cards!

    What are tarot cards best used for? Guidance, am I right?

    So, why not simply use the cards for their original purpose to learn how you can manifest your dreams and desires? I mean, the cards are there, ready to help you live your dream life. Just reach out and learn how!

    If you can do a tarot reading for yourself, that’s awesome. But if you can’t, you can always consult a tarot reader and talk to them about your intention. Let’s take a couple of examples to see how you can do it by yourself.

    Example 1 – Manifesting Your Soulmate

    Okay, let’s talk about something other than money for once, haha! Let’s say you want to manifest a soulmate. In this case, you can do the classic 3-card spread. Start by shuffling the cards while visualizing your perfect partner. You don’t necessarily need to see their “face,” just figure out what type of energy they should have.

    Then, pick three cards one after the other and place them face up on a surface from left to right.

    The first card could represent the past energy that is influencing your romantic life. It could be something negative… like your bad habits or negative traits. If you get a card that reveals such traits, it’s a message to start working on yourself first.

    The second card could represent your current energies surrounding your soulmate journey. This will give you an idea about where you currently are. So, for instance, if you are confused, you will get a card that denotes this confusion. Basically, you can use this card for course correction.

    The third card could represent how you can manifest the right partner. Maybe the card will tell you to go out more often or to spend more time doing what you love. Or it can tell you to be braver and ask someone out whom you already know!

    how to use tarot for manifestation quote 4

    Example 2 – Manifesting The Right Career

    Your work defines a huge part of your life. So, if you are sure about what you want to do, fret not. You can always consult the cards. To do so, you can use the following 3-card spread.

    Shuffle your cards and think about what you would like your career to look like. Create a rough vision if you’re not really sure. Then, as with the above example, pick three cards and place them in front of you.

    The first card could represent your unique strengths. Sometimes, you don’t even know how great you are at certain things. So, this card can end up motivating you and igniting a fire within you.

    The second card could represent things that are stopping you from manifesting your dream career. The cards might tell you that it is self-doubt, bad company, unwillingness to move forward, self-sabotage, and so on. Take the message of the cards very seriously because you will need to address these obstacles.

    Finally, the third card could give you hints about what your ideal career should look like. The cards know your energy and will do their best to suggest what you should be doing. Again, take this message and meditate on it. Who knows, you just might find what you’re looking for!

    how to use tarot for manifestation quote 5

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