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What Tarot Cards Represent The Zodiac Signs?

    tarot and zodiac signs

    You might have heard tarot readers talk about tarot cards in connection with zodiac signs.

    And you might have seen them use this connection to draw out meaningful insights or provide accurate readings.

    Naturally, you might have wondered what this is all about.

    Well, each zodiac sign carries a specific type of energy. And any tarot card that resonates with the energy of a particular zodiac sign is said to be linked to it. This understanding adds a whole other dimension to a tarot reader’s arsenal that they can use to enhance their readings.

    So, what tarot cards represent the zodiac signs?

    It’s mainly the Major Arcana cards that represent different zodiac signs. For example, The Emperor and The Tower cards represent the Aries sign, The Hierophant card represents Taurus, The Hermit card represents Virgo, The Temperance card represents Sagittarius, and so on.

    In this article, I will go over each zodiac sign and talk about the tarot cards that fall under them.

    Zodiac Signs And Tarot Cards

    astrology wheel

    Just to get the basics out of the way, there are a total of 12 zodiac signs that start with Aries and end with Pisces.

    As stated above, each zodiac sign has a specific type of energy and is said to represent a specific set of characteristics.

    On the other hand, each tarot card also resonates at a particular energetic frequency.

    So, those cards that match the energy of a zodiac sign are said to be connected to it. These cards can also represent the symbolic meanings of the zodiac sign.

    Through decades of collective experience, it is now known which of the cards are linked to which of the zodiac signs. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.

    Zodiac Signs of Different Tarot Cards

    tarot spread with 4 cards

    1) Aries

    Since this is the first sign in the zodiac wheel, it represents new beginnings.

    People who are born under this sign are bold, energetic, and fiercely independent. They are the leaders of the pack and their aura can be felt from a mile away.

    They are fearless in their pursuit and follow their dreams with passion and enthusiasm. They also never back away from a challenge and are highly competitive. This helps them thrive even in the toughest of situations.

    There are two Major Arcana cards that represent these attributes of the Aries sign. They are the Emperor and the Tower cards.

    The Emperor

    The name of this card tells you straight away why it is linked to the Aries sign. This card represents kings who are leaders of their subjects. They have to be bold and passionate to not only protect their people but also to take care of their various needs. Therefore, this card is a powerful symbol of authority, order, stability and compassion.

    If you take a look at the meanings of this card, you will get hints of Arian energy. For instance, this card signifies discipline, taking control ( private note: important for one of my friends haha), establishing stability, making thoughtful decisions, rules, and so on.

    The Tower

    When you take a look at the characteristics of an Arian person, you might wonder how they can possibly be linked to the Tower card. I mean, the Tower card, as most people know, represents a sudden downfall or transformation. It is a card most people fear because it denotes upheaval and chaos in a person’s life.

    Well, let’s look at it another way. Often, it is the upheavals in life that set us on a new journey. It is the changes that help us embark on a new path. And that is exactly what Aries represents. It portrays new beginnings and cycles. But it also shows the ability of Aries to handle these changes.

    tarot and zodiac signs quote 1

    2) Taurus

    This sign is represented by an image of a bull. This should tell you what it stands for.

    For one, people born under this sign are steadfast and grounded. Since Taurus is an Earth sign, this makes total sense. Also, these people have incredible patience and are highly pragmatic.

    But there is another side to Taurus that you may not know. Despite being highly grounded, they enjoy the finer things in life. They have an eye for aesthetics and are known to indulge in life’s many pleasures. I think this shows how they can balance being down-to-earth while pursuing materialistic pleasures.

    There is one tarot card that is associated with this zodiac sign. And that is the Hierophant.

    The Hierophant

    This card is one of the best representations of spirituality, traditions, and the search for something deeper and more meaningful in life. In fact, when you look at this card, you’ll see the figure of a priest who is adorned with a crown.

    This shows that even though he has a high status, he is a priest on a spiritual pursuit. Again, the balancing of the two worlds comes into play.

    Like the Taurus sign, the Hierophant card symbolizes groundedness. The message here is to stick to your roots while exploring what the world has to offer.

    3) Gemini

    This is an interesting sign because it represents the multi-dimensional personalities of the people under this sign. It’s almost as if there are several different people living inside the same person (in a good way, though).

    Gemini folks are lively and have a highly adaptive nature. They have a quick wit and are filled with intellectual curiosity. This is why they are life-long learners and develop skills in multiple different areas. Using their knowledge and sharp intellect, they are often able to achieve even the hardest of goals.

    Gemini is usually associated with two tarot cards. They are the Lovers and the Magician.

    The Lovers

    It is quite easy to figure out why this card has been associated with Gemini. The Lovers card stands for love, which represents duality. It’s the coming together of two different individuals to form a whole. This is similar to Geminians whose personalities are a combination of different natures.

    Also, it’s widely known how Geminians can be really charming at times. This also connects to the Lovers card since love almost always has that “charm factor,” at least in the beginning.

    The Magician

    the magician

    If you’ve worked with this card before, you will instantly realize that it is packed with Geminian energy. The Magician card is perhaps the best card for the manifestation of one’s desires. After all, that’s what a magician does, right? They conjure things out of nowhere! So, this card quite literally represents the power of the Geminians to manifest their dreams and goals.

    Another very important point here is that this card showcases the jack-of-all-trades side of Geminians. It shows their ability to gain a certain level of understanding in various fields.

    4) Cancer

    If there was ever a sign that perfectly portrayed the depth and beauty of human emotions, it certainly has to be Cancer.

    This is a watery sign, which makes complete sense because water denotes our emotions. Therefore, people who are born under this sign are usually quite nurturing and have an empathetic nature.

    Another attribute of people under this sign is that they have a strong sense of family and will happily face countless challenges for their loved ones. So, you can always count on them to create a secure and comforting environment.

    There are three cards that are linked to this sign. They are the Chariot, the High Priestess, and the Moon.

    The Chariot

    This card symbolizes determination and progress. It is depicted by a charioteer riding a chariot that is pulled by two sphinxes. This shows the ability of the person to navigate challenges just as a Cancer person would. The two opposing sphinxes denote the two sets of human emotions: positive and negative. So, this card also represents the need to balance one’s emotions, which is something that constantly challenges people under the Cancer sign.

    The High Priestess

    This is a really special card in the tarot deck since it represents intuition, inner wisdom, divine feminine energy, and the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind. These are all attributes that are linked to the Cancer sign, probably because they involve deep emotions.

    This card denotes the need to contemplate one’s inner landscape to understand one’s purpose and passions. This clearly portrays Cancerian energy.

    The Moon

    In astrology, the Moon rules the Cancer sign. This is probably enough to illustrate the link between the Moon tarot card and the Cancer sign. But let’s explore more, shall we? The Moon card denotes feminine energy, intuition, healing, communication, esoteric knowledge, exploration of hidden realms of the psyche, and so on. These are all attributes that are associated with the Cancer sign.

    tarot and zodiac signs quote 2

    5) Leo

    The word “Leo” probably makes you think of a lion, which is appropriate for this sign.

    After all, it is a fiery sign that represents confidence, fierceness, leadership, fame, enthusiasm, charisma, and so on. These are all attributes that are typically associated with a lion. And you’ll find the same traits in people born under this sign. They truly have the heart of a lion and live life with flair.

    There are two tarot cards that have the same energetic frequency as the Leo sign. They are the Sun and the Strength cards.

    The Sun

    In astrology, the Sun rules the Leo sign. This makes total sense because the Sun is the utmost representation of fire, an element that is abundant in Leo. Also, the Sun stands for brilliance, positivity, warmth, and clarity. These are all traits you can expect a person born under the Leo sign to possess.

    And if you think about it, the Sun is the leader of our Solar system, much like how the Leo people are leaders in their fields. Plus, Leo people provide growth, happiness, and leadership to other people, similar to how the Sun makes life and growth possible on our planet.


    This card represents the courage and resilience of Leo. It shows their ability to face any challenges with determination and inner strength. If you look at the card, you’ll see the figure of a woman gently taming a lion. So, you could say that this card also represents the softer side of Leo, where they are filled with compassion, gentleness, and patience.

    6) Virgo

    People born under this sign tend to have analytical minds and their attention to detail is unmatched.

    They have a practical approach to life and make decisions that serve the greater good. Due to their nature, these people like to be independent and take responsibility for their actions.

    Virgo is also an Earth sign, which represents groundedness and a connection with the roots. So, you can expect people born under this sign to be reliable, humble, and hardworking.

    There is one tarot card that is associated with this sign, and that is the Hermit.

    The Hermit

    When you look at this card, you’ll probably see the figure as a wise, old man who holds the light of knowing in his hands. This is exactly what this card represents. The Hermit is someone who lives a solitary life after having detached himself from society. He does this to better understand himself and others.

    So, this card denotes inner wisdom, self-reflection, knowledge, understanding, and so on. These are the traits a Virgo person would have. After all, they are great at paying attention to little details and are grounded enough to self-reflect. They also humbly look for answers in a logical manner, thus, enhancing their knowledge.

    tarot and zodiac signs quote 3

    7) Libra

    This sign is popularly denoted by scales. It symbolizes fairness, balance, and the ability to judge accurately.

    If you meet people born under this sign, you will realize that they tend to be diplomatic and harmonious in nature. They’re always looking to find the middle ground. They also have a strong sense of justice and want to see the truth prevail.

    There is another side to these people because this is a sign that is ruled by Venus. So, they appreciate the finer things in life. They love themselves and others around them, to a point where it feels like the love of a mother.

    There are two cards that are linked to this sign. They are the Justice and the Empress cards.


    This card embodies the values of justice, fairness, and integrity. It tells you that there is nothing above truth and in the long run, the truth always wins. In this card, you will see a figure holding a sword and scales. This signifies the importance of balance and the need to fight for justice. The message here is to make decisions that are based on ethics and reason.

    Reading through the above attributes, it’s quite clear that this card holds Libran energy. After all, the pursuit of truth is the main theme here.

    The Empress

    empress card

    This card is all about the beauty of the feminine energy. It denotes fertility, abundance, nurturing, love, beauty, serenity, growth, and so on. These have Venusian energy, which rules the Libra sign. In fact, when you look at this card, you’ll see a beautiful woman sitting on a cozy throne surrounded by greenery and brightness.

    Naturally, these are all the things that the Librans love. They love themselves and others around them. They have a natural ability to nurture other people and recognize the immense beauty around us all.

    8) Scorpio

    This is an intense zodiac sign for all sorts of reasons.

    It represents passion, depth, death, transformation, emotional intensity, and a high degree of resilience. So, people born under this sign are easily recognized due to the fierceness they live their lives with. Another important point to be noted is that Scorpions are extremely loyal to their loved ones and they can go to any length to protect them.

    Also, these people make it a point to live authentic lives. They hate superficial people and are not afraid to live lives on their own terms, no matter what others say or do. As such, you can’t mess with a Scorpion.

    This zodiac sign is associated with one tarot card, and that is the Death card.


    This is a word that drives fear into the hearts of people. And this tarot card certainly scares anyone who is doing a reading. But like the Scorpions, this tarot card is highly misunderstood because of its depth. You see, death doesn’t only mean the physical act of dying. It could also refer to transformation, change, and even rebirth!

    After all, there is no change without the dying of the old. This dying could be of old ideas, beliefs, systems, situations, and cycles that no longer serve us. Much like the Scorpions, the Death card tells you that you should shed those parts of you that are not authentic. And you should transform into the truest version of yourself.

    tarot and zodiac signs quote 4

    9) Sagittarius

    This zodiac sign is depicted by a centaur who is also an archer.

    This immediately tells us that people born under this sign are free-spirited, adventurous, independent, and lovers of the outdoors. The Archer also symbolizes a quest for knowledge and one’s natural curiosity.

    Another common trait of Sagittarius people is that they have infinite optimism and are always hopeful for better days. This also gives them a sense of joy and humor. It allows them to keep pushing forward in the face of difficulties.

    There is one tarot card that is linked with the Sagittarius and that is the Temperance card.


    This is one of the most intriguing cards you can lay your hands upon. It is depicted with an angel pouring some sort of liquid from one golden cup to another. Tarot readers believe that this symbolizes harmony and balance. It shows the coming together of opposing forces.

    This surely has Sagittarius energy because the centaur is a mix between a horse and a man. Plus, the Temperance card tells us to always find a middle path and avoid extremes. Not only that, it tells us to deal with life’s many challenges in a calm manner.

    10) Capricorn

    People born under this sign are quite popular for living a disciplined and pragmatic life. These qualities come in handy because they are also highly ambitious. They have tons of goals, dreams, and desires. Sometimes, these may get out of hand and take the form of addiction.

    One great thing about Capricornians is that you can never outdo them in terms of hard work. They will spend day and night, diligently and patiently working toward their goals. This also makes them thrive in positions of responsibility because they have a great work ethic.

    Two tarot cards have Capricorn’s energy: the Devil and the World.

    The Devil

    This is another highly misunderstood card (like the Death card). The Devil doesn’t mean that there is a being who is out there to get you. It also doesn’t mean that Capricornians have a devilish nature. The Devil here represents the immense wishes and desires that we all have. It shows the attachment that people have to the materialistic world.

    The connection with Capricorn is made because these people are the most attracted to their dreams and desires. For them, their goals become their singular focus in life. And if they’re not able to achieve their goals, it destroys them mentally.

    The World

    Many tarot readers say that the World card represents coming full circle. It signifies completion, fulfillment, and the culmination of a significant cycle within the tarot deck. So, we can say that this card also denotes the fulfillment of a person’s wishes and desires. And that is why it is linked with the Capricorn sign.

    This card is a more positive depiction of the nature of Capricorns. It invites celebration of their achievements and is a recognition of their hard work and discipline. It serves as a message for everyone else who is in pursuit of their wishes.

    tarot and zodiac signs quote 5

    11) Aquarius

    This sign is known for its innovative energy. As such, people born under this sign are highly imaginative and original. In fact, a lot of these people like to be in a dream-like state because they have an immense love for fiction of “things that could be.”

    Also, Aquarians have a deep desire for intellectual exploration and progressive thinking. They like being committed to social causes and advancing the values of freedom, equality, and independence. This makes them natural visionaries who are driven by a desire to bring positive change in the world. Their unconventional approach to doing things just adds the icing to the cake!

    There are two tarot cards that have Aquarian energy: the Star and the Fool.

    The Star

    The Star tarot card is filled with the energies of hope, inspiration, and spiritual insights. It is depicted by a figure pouring water into a pool while being surrounded by stars. This could be seen as a dream-like state. It could also be seen as optimism, healing, and renewal.

    Another important point to be noted here is that the Star card represents optimism and freedom, both qualities that are deeply valuable to an Aquarian. This card tells us to look at the future with faith, reminding us that even in darkness, there is a glimmer of hope.

    The Fool

    The Fool is an interesting card because many people don’t take it seriously. However, it has some really important messages if you pay attention. For one, this card represents new beginnings, spontaneity, and the journey of self-discovery. The figure on the card is depicted as a carefree figure with a small bag.

    So, I think we can say that the Fool is innocent in nature who lives life with faith. Much like the Aquarian, this person is driven by curiosity and openness. As such, he embarks on adventures and takes risks.

    12) Pisces

    The Pisces sign is the completion of the story that began with the Aries sign.

    So, this sign naturally represents liberation or completion. It is depicted by two fish swirling around one another. This sign represents compassion, empathy, imagination, intuition, sensitivity, emotions, creativity, and even higher dimensions.

    People born under this sign have a natural ability to understand the emotions of other people. Naturally, this makes them the perfect friends with whom you can share any secret. These people also don’t judge you and understand that everyone is trying to play out their stories to the best of their abilities.

    The tarot card that has Pisces energy in it is the Moon card.

    The Moon

    The Moon card is linked to the Cancer sign but it also has the energy of Pisces. After all, Pisces is deeply linked to human emotions. Much like the water and the fish that swim in it, the energies of the Moon denote our emotions, which are fluid in nature. Also, in some cultures, the Moon is thought to be the gateway to esoteric knowledge and higher dimensions. This is what the Pisces sign represents as well!

    I hope this article was helpful 🙂 feel free to comment below 🙂

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