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Are Your Tarot Cards Too Negative?

    tarot card reading too negative

    If you get tarot readings regularly, you might sometimes find yourself in a strange situation.

    To be more specific, you might sometimes be stuck in a rut where you keep getting negative readings. Obviously, this can be a little stressful and leave you with more questions than you began with.

    For most people, these negative readings can cause anxiety since they would start anticipating something bad to happen.

    Of course, they wouldn’t be wrong. But it’s also important to understand why you keep getting negative readings and what you can do about them.

    So, if your tarot cards are too negative, here’s what to do.

    You should first ensure that you have a good emotional state before any reading. This is because your thoughts and emotions influence the cards. Ideally, you should choose a time when you are relaxed. You should also rephrase your questions, diversify the spreads, check your interpretations, and address your fears.

    Before we go deeper into these effective tips, let’s first take a look at the various reasons you might be getting negative readings.

    Reasons For Negative Readings

    1) A Lack of Focus

    Whether you are doing a reading for yourself or getting it done by someone else, it is quite important for you to remain focused.

    As I mentioned above, your thoughts and emotions can influence the tarot cards.

    They can pick up on your energy and reflect that in the reading. Obviously, this can lead to certain inaccuracies if you’re emotionally not in the right place.

    For example, if everything is going well in your life but you just happen to be anxious during the reading, the cards might give you a negative reading. This will mislead you into thinking that something is wrong or that something might go wrong in the future. But the truth is that the cards were merely reflecting your nervous energy during the reading.

    2) The Timing Is Inappropriate

    It is often said that there is a time and place for everything.

    I mean, you wouldn’t play Christmas songs at a wedding or wedding songs during Christmas!

    Similarly, there’s a time for tarot readings as well. If you feel rushed or you’re really not in the mood for the reading, you should probably skip it. If you feel like a tarot reading is really not the best thing for you right now, again, skip it.

    The reason here is that it is very important to stay present during the reading.

    You need to be open to sharing the details of your situation and receiving guidance. If you feel rushed in any way, you might be reluctant to follow anything the cards have to say. And the cards themselves might pick up on your hesitancy and provide inaccurate readings.

    3) The Energy of The Space Is Unsettling

    Similar to how time is a crucial element in a tarot reading, space is another important piece of the puzzle.

    As is the case in the entire universe, you can’t have space without time and time without space. Anyway, different spaces have different energies. And these energies might interfere with a reading.

    For example, if you happen to be doing a reading for yourself in a dark and dingy room where you are not comfortable, you might get all sorts of inaccuracies. The same applies if you’ve had a fight with someone in a room and you later do a reading in that room. Again, the cards are very good at picking up the energy around them, be it your energy or the energy of the surroundings.

    tarot card reading too negative quote 1

    4) The Interpretations Are Biased

    Interpreting the cards that you get is an art.

    It relies on the reader’s understanding of symbolism, their ability to connect the dots between various cards, their ability to connect the message of the cards with the question at hand, and so on.

    As you can probably tell, there are so many variables in this process. This is why different readers can interpret the same cards differently.

    One factor that keeps showing up in most tarot readings is the reader’s biases.

    After all, every reader is a human being, and they have their preconceived notions about things, people, and situations. These biases can ultimately influence their interpretation of the cards.

    So, if you’re getting negative readings, it could be that biases are at fault. Maybe, in reality, you are getting a positive reading or something that can make your life better… but you’re reading it all wrong!

    5) Lack of Connection With The Cards

    Every tarot reader knows how important it is to connect with the tarot cards.

    This is why most readers aim to make the cards an extension of their being. The stronger this connection, the better and more accurate the readings get. On the contrary, if there is a lack of connection with the cards, the possibility of inaccurate readings can rise significantly.

    So, an obvious reason behind multiple negative readings could simply be a lack of bond between the reader and the cards.

    Even though the cards are trying to help you, they are simply not understanding exactly what you need help with. And so, the messaging might be completely off.

    6) The Phrasing of The Questions Is Not Right

    This is an important factor that a lot of readers tend to overlook from time to time.

    Especially the ones who are still new to tarot. You see, you need to learn how to work with the cards to get the guidance and information you need. Just because the cards are there for assistance doesn’t mean you can ask whatever you want and however you want it.

    For example, you can’t ask, “Tell me the exact date I will get married.” Instead, you need to ask, “What does the future of my relationship look like,” or “Is marriage on the cards in my future?”

    As such, if you’re getting negative readings, you might need to check the phrasing of your questions. Maybe the words you’re using or the way your question is structured is making it tricky for the cards to help you.

    tarot card reading too negative quote 2

    Which Tarot Cards Are Considered Negative?

    Ask any experienced tarot reader and they will tell you that there is no such thing as a negative card.

    It’s just that some cards are viewed negatively by people because they portray change, shifts, ends of certain journeys, and so on.

    As human beings, we don’t usually like change or certain aspects of human life like death. So, we tend to look at these cards in a negative light.

    Therefore, it’s important to realize that your negative readings might not be negative at all. It might just be you perceiving the cards as being detrimental.

    To that end, let’s study a few cards that are usually considered negative. This might just change your perspective a little.

    1) The Devil

    deck: the rider waite smith ( amazon)

    We’re all familiar with the way this card looks and that alone can make you think that you’re dealing with something really nasty.

    But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

    Sure, this card can represent addiction, toxic relationships, domination, fear, and so on. But it might just be pointing you to things that you need to get rid of. In a way, it’s helping you to achieve a happier life.

    Also, on the positive side of things, this card directly represents things like pleasure, enjoyment, playfulness, and rebellion. All of these traits can be signs of a happy and fulfilled life. Yes, even rebellion, if used in the right place and time. So, just see what other cards you get in the spread and keep an open mind.

    2) Death

    Deck: ethereal visions deck ( amazon)

    This is a classic.

    Virtually everyone on the planet fears death.

    There are only a handful that don’t. So, if you get this card, your first reaction might be shock and fear. Plus, the image of a skeleton riding a horse on this card doesn’t help. It might instantly make you feel as though your life is in danger or that a great tragedy is going to befall you.

    But hold up for a second.

    The death card might just be telling you that one of the aspects of your life or one of your journeys is coming to a close. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something bad is going to happen.

    For example, you might need to leave your current job (which might sound scary), but you might soon get to work at your dream job!

    tarot card reading too negative quote 3

    3) Three of Swords

    morgan greer 3 of swords

    deck: morgan greer tarot (amazon)

    I think the imagery used for this card talks for itself.

    It’s a heart that is pierced by three long swords. Even a child can tell you that it denotes heartbreak or the end of a relationship.

    We have all experienced this, haven’t we? And we all know how painful it can be. It’s never easy to lose someone you love, no matter if it’s because of a breakup or death.

    But here’s the thing.

    These events are inevitable in every person’s life. And the card might just be telling you that it’s time to move on and rebuild. Or it could also be a message that you need to end toxic relationships that are no longer working for you. It could be telling you that, for once, you need to use logic instead of your emotions.

    4) The Tower

    tower from rider waite tarot

    deck: rider waite tarot (amazon)

    This card is depicted by an image of a burning tower struck by lightning and people falling out of the windows of the tower.

    If you get it during your reading, you won’t be wrong in feeling at least a bit anxious. In fact, the negative meanings of this card may include crisis, unexpected change, destruction, and so on.

    But the thing is, you need to interpret this card in conjunction with the other cards. It could be that this card is not really pointing at anything negative. It could just be that it is telling you about a breakthrough, an important revelation that will change your course, the destruction of your illusions, and so on. Obviously, these are going to have a positive impact on your life.

    5) Five of Pentacles

    5 pentacles from rider waite tarot

    deck: rider waite tarot (amazon)

    When you look at this card, the one thing it does NOT do is inspire confidence.

    It has that solemn vibe that can bring your energy down a little. After all, it portrays two needy people roaming around in the snow. As such, it sometimes represents hardship, financial difficulties, insecurity, and so on. But as with the Tower card above, you need to look at it along with the other cards.

    For instance, it might be that this card denotes past financial troubles only in your case. And on the positive side of things, it might be telling you that you need to learn to express your needs, learn resourcefulness, and find the positives in every bad situation.

    6) Nine of Swords

    deck: rider waite smith tarot (amazon)

    This is another card that has a very serious feel to it.

    It is depicted by a woman sitting upright on a bed with her face in her hands. On the wall, there are nine horizontal words.

    I think this particular card denotes your current situation more than what is possible for you in the near future. And this takes us back to one of the reasons I talked about above for negative readings. It could be that you are merely feeling anxious during the reading even though everything is going alright in your life.

    So, if you get this card to check your feelings and analyze the various aspects of your life. If everything seems okay, that’s fine. If not, this card might be telling you to have the courage to ask for help, to not push away people from your life, and that reality might not be as bad as you feel.

    7) Ten of Swords

    deck: rider waite tarot ( amazon)

    Without a doubt, the Ten of Swords needs your complete attention.

    After all, it denotes backstabbing, betrayal by someone close, the painful end of something, and suffering. This is typically seen in relationships and at workplaces. However, it’s not just limited to these aspects.

    Now, this card might be denoting something that happened in your past, or what may happen in the future. That’s for you to assess. But it might not always be about betrayals and suffering with this card. It could also be telling you that the worst is over for you and that you are about to experience dawn after a long and dark night.

    tarot card reading too negative quote 4

    What You Can Do About Negative Readings

    So, now let’s get to the crux of the matter: what can you do about negative readings?

    Well, in my opinion, one of the first things you need to do is ensure that you aren’t making any silly mistakes during the reading.

    Then, you need to really think about the message that you have received from the cards and analyze it to see if it is even negative!

    Let’s take a look at some effective action steps you can take in that regard.

    1) Ensure A Healthy Emotional State

    I have probably alluded to this several times already.

    But one more time will probably not hurt. After all, it is one of the biggest factors that influences your readings. No matter what situation you find yourself in life, you need to have a calm and composed state of mind during a reading. This will ensure that the cards don’t pick up on any energy that they are not supposed to.

    So, to that end, it is a good idea to meditate, do some yoga, practice mindfulness, or even just take a nap of 5 minutes or 2 hours hahah, before your reading. Especially if you’re going through stressful times. And when the reading is taking place, try to be as objective and sincere as possible.

    2) Choose The Right Time And Place

    Time and space are both essential ingredients in a reading.

    I have already explained why. So, you can start by choosing a comfortable place for your reading (if you’re the one doing it). Make sure the room is comfortable and makes you feel relaxed. If you’re going to a tarot reader (to another location), I think this will be taken care of by the reader since they are experienced with this.

    Next up is time. Thankfully, you can arrange a tarot reading at any given time, be it during the day or the night (regardless of whether you are doing it yourself or going to someone else). So, you should simply choose a time slot where you are free and won’t be disturbed. Ideally, you should take care of any important projects or to-do lists before a reading so you can focus.

    3) Rephrase Your Questions

    If you’re getting negative readings despite taking care of the above two steps, it might be time to look at your questions.

    As I mentioned above, you can’t ask anything that comes to your mind randomly. You need to think about it for a second and ask the cards for help in an appropriate manner. Think of the cards as an ancestor or a wise guru. That will help you with your tone.

    For instance, if you want to ask whether your spouse is cheating on you, you can’t simply go, “Is my spouse cheating on me?” This might seem like a legitimate question, but it’s not. That’s because someone else is involved in this matter. Instead, you can ask, “What does the future of my marriage look like?” Similarly, check your phrasing for all your questions.

    tarot card reading too negative quote 5

    4) Diversify Your Spreads

    As a tarot reader, you must be well-versed with a whole variety of tarot spreads.

    This is because different spreads are ideal for different scenarios. Some spreads are made to answer more specific questions while some are made to answer a question more comprehensively. Also, some are better for relationships while some are better for health.

    So, if you’re getting negative readings, you need to diversify your spreads. Maybe the cards are not providing enough context on your matter simply because you are not pulling out enough cards. Or maybe you are making the matter more complicated by pulling out a lot of cards.

    So, explore spreads that focus on past, present, and future or those that offer insights into specific areas of your life.

    5) Check Your Interpretations

    This one is probably the most important of this bunch.

    Sometimes, the cards try to tell you something but you understand something else entirely. I mean, doesn’t this happen with human communication? Even when a person is telling you clearly what they mean, you might totally misunderstand them. Now imagine how easily this might happen with cards that use complex symbolism.

    So, write down the cards you got in the spread and list out all their various meanings. Try to figure out how each card relates to your situation and what they are trying to tell you collectively. Challenge your current interpretation with alternate theories or perspectives. And see what fits best!

    6) Take Some Time To Reflect And Reset

    Let’s say you genuinely got a negative reading.

    Now, you can react in two totally different ways. The first way is to get scared and feel as though you can’t do anything about it. You can let the reading impact your mental and emotional health, and your entire life by extension.

    The second way is to have a more positive mindset. Sure, you got a negative reading, but what are the cards really trying to tell you? Why have you got the negative reading? There must be a reason, right? Try to reflect on the reason and see what you can do to change the outcome. And, if you didn’t already know, you CAN change the outcome of tarot readings with your will and action.

    7) Address Your Fears

    This is an extension of the previous point.

    If you feel like your fears are the reason behind getting the negative reading, or if you feel like you are being more scared than you should, that should be a huge hint. That should tell you that there are things in your psyche that you need to address urgently.

    For example, if a reading hints at a breakup in the future, and that makes you feel terrible, you need to do some self-work. You might have a fear of abandonment or you might have insecurities. Either way, you need to bring them to the surface and deal with them once and for all. Maybe that is what you need to do to stop a future breakup!

    8) Practice Gratitude

    This is my final bit of advice for you and one that is extremely powerful.

    Tarot readings or not, gratitude is one of the best attitudes you can live your life with. It instills a sense of positivity and contentment within you. It helps you appreciate everything and everyone in your life. Sometimes, this small change in perception can make all the difference.

    Even if you get a negative reading that tells you that you’re about to lose something, your grateful mind will not be deterred. You will not be afraid of losing anything because you know that life has blessed you with so much already. And you also realize that life is a phenomenon that must go on. So, instead of feeling like a victim, you feel like you are being carried forward by a divine force.

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