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Can You Use Someone Else’s Tarot Cards?

    use someone else tarot cards

    If the world of Tarot has enticed you recently, you’re definitely not alone.

    Even though this spiritual practice has been around for centuries, there has been a renewed interest in this field in recent times. So, what should you do if you want to start reading tarot cards?

    Well, your first thought might be to get a tarot deck for yourself. However, on further consideration, you might wonder whether you are even ready and need some practice first.

    As such, if you happen to have a friend or family member who has tarot cards, you might be tempted to borrow their deck for a while. So, should you do it?

    Can you use someone else’s tarot cards?

    If you do some research, you will find that people are divided on this issue. Some believe that it’s okay, while some believe that it’s not. Let me tell you what I think. It is okay to use other people’s tarot cards if you go about it the right way. There are some precautions you need to follow and you’re good to go.

    In this article, I will talk about the above precautions.

    But first, let’s try to understand why some people believe that you shouldn’t use other people’s cards.

    Beliefs About Why You Shouldn’t Share Tarot Cards

    tarot cards on a table

    You will see that usually, people who hold traditional beliefs say that tarot cards shouldn’t be shared.

    As such, they will neither use other people’s cards nor do they allow their own cards to be used by others.

    On the surface, it might seem very conservative, but they have their reasons for this belief. Let’s talk about some of them below.

    1) Tarot Cards May Have Energetic Imprints

    Every tarot reader knows that tarot cards can carry residual energies from past readings.

    This energy can not only impact the accuracy of future readings, but it can also interact with the natural energies of the new tarot reader. And depending on what type of energies were stored from the past readings, the impact can be good or bad.

    2) Borrowing A Deck Can Lead To Intuitive Blockage

    This is a very subtle reason but it is worth talking about.

    When you borrow a tarot deck from someone, your intuition might get blocked due to the opinions and perceptions you have about that person.

    For example, let’s say you borrow the cards from one of your friends. Now, if you feel like this friend happens to be a bit pessimistic, your intuition will be affected by this perception of yours. This can obviously hamper your readings.

    use someone else tarot cards quote 1

    3) Tarot Cards Are Deeply Personal

    This is another very important aspect of tarot.

    For most readers, their decks are not merely instruments for doing readings. Rather, they feel like the cards are a natural extension of their own selves. It is this deeply personal relationship between a reader and their cards that makes this practice truly amazing. It is also this relationship that enables a reader to do stunning readings.

    As such, people with traditional beliefs say that you shouldn’t use other people’s cards because they are already a part of their energies. They believe that you shouldn’t disturb this sacred connection.

    4) It Hampers Your Journey

    The journey that one embarks upon as a tarot reader is a special one.

    It starts with self-discovery where you realize that you can indeed become a tarot reader. It also includes seeking and discovering the perfect tarot deck for you that speaks to you on a subtle level.

    All of this can get hampered if you simply decide to borrow someone else’s deck. Of course, you can still do it, but there is a different kind of joy in crafting your own journey and finding your ideal tarot deck from the very beginning.

    Using Someone Else’s Cards

    As I said in the beginning, I believe that it is perfectly okay to use someone else’s cards if you do it the right way.

    There are many precautions you can follow that will help you respect the other person’s cards, protect your energies, and get accurate readings, among other things. So, let’s take a look at what you should do.

    1) Ask For Permission

    Obviously, the first thing you need to do is ask for the other person’s permission. ( ok that is so obvious…)

    As I said above, many people don’t like sharing their tarot cards with others. So, it’s better to ask their permission even if they happen to be your family members or best friends.

    of course it goes without saying that taking someone else’s stuff without asking can be considered stealing, especially when it comes to tarot where sacred energies are involved. This can start things off on a bad note and negatively impact your energies and readings.

    Also, if the other person denies your request, don’t take it personally. You should understand that tarot cards are intimate objects and the other person might not want to share them even if they trust you. Also, you can always ask someone else. ( disclaimer: don’t ask me…. haha)

    2) Treat The Cards With Care

    Ask yourself.

    How would you like other people to treat your prized possession? Imagine someone borrows your beloved car for a day. How would you want them to treat it? The answer will help you figure out how you should treat the other person’s tarot cards.

    You see, when someone hands you their cards, it’s as if they have handed you a piece of themself. I’m not even kidding… the relationship between a reader and the cards is really something else. They are like our babies…. So, when you’re using their cards, you should be highly respectful and careful.

    To that end, you should make sure not to bend or scratch the cards. Also, wash your hands properly before you handle them so that you don’t pass on any oils or dirt to the cards.

    Keep them away from any drinks as they tend to get damaged easily when exposed to water. If you’re doing readings, place the cards on an even surface and use a silk (or cotton) cloth to keep them clean.

    In other words: treat them like a baby!

    use someone else tarot cards quote 2

    3) Cleanse The Cards

    This is a no-brainer. Most people know that tarot cards can hold residual energies from past readings. Not only that, even if they come in contact with you for a few minutes, they can easily store some of your energy. This is why tarot readers focus so much on cleansing their cards before using them for any reading.

    So, naturally, you should thoroughly cleanse the cards before even thinking about using them. There are many ways you can do this. The most popular involves burning some sage (or other medicinal herb) and fanning each card with the smoke. The smoke easily dissolves any residual energies from the cards.

    You can also leave the cards under sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Just make sure that you don’t place them outdoors or they might get lost or damaged in one way or another. You can even use Tibetan singing bowls and bells to cleanse the cards. Just bathe the cards in the sounds of these spiritual musical instruments and the job shall be done!

    4) Take Time To Connect With The Cards

    This is the step where you begin to establish some connection with the cards so that you can use them accurately.

    And if you think about it, it is a really fun step. It is like meeting a stranger and trying to establish some sort of rapport with them.

    On of the easiest way to do this is by using meditation. In this method, you should hold the deck of cards in your hands while you sit down on the floor in a cross-legged posture. Then, simply close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and let the magic happen.

    You can focus on the cards and visualize them connecting with your aura. Invite them to connect with you on an energy level and feel as comfortable with the cards as possible. Do this for a few minutes or until you feel you’re ready.

    5) Ask For Guidance

    If you treat the cards with respect, they may return the favor.

    So, you should try talking to them as you would talk with a wise friend or relative. Just before you do your reading, try to connect with the cards and express your intention, verbally or mentally. This will start things off on the right foot.

    Then, you can ask for clear guidance and insights during the reading. This will clear any confusion or doubts in your mind as well as the energies involved. And it can certainly help you clear any intuitive blockages that I talked about previously.

    6) Thank The Cards

    Finally, when you are done with the reading or the purpose for which you borrowed the cards, you should take a moment and thank them.

    It might sound a little weird to you, but if you have noticed, I have been talking about treating the cards as if they are living entities.

    This is because they are not merely objects that you use and cast aside. They are your window to greater universal wisdom and also a medium for you to connect to higher spiritual planes.

    As such, it is better to interact with them as if you’re talking to an angel or a wise ancestor who has passed away. The cards will certainly appreciate it and the original owner will not have to deal with any negative energy on the cards after you’ve used them.

    use someone else tarot cards quote 3

    What If You Don’t Follow The Precautions?

    So, now you might be wondering… what if I’m feeling adventurous and don’t follow the above precautions? What is the worst that can happen? Well, the thing is… it won’t lead to any huge danger or cause any major mishap.

    However, the very purpose for which you’re looking to borrow someone else’s cards might not get fulfilled.

    So, what’s the point?

    Also, not doing things the right way can also lead to some minor troubles with your aura or energies. Let’s talk about these in more detail.

    1) You Might Not Get Accurate Readings

    This one is a given.

    Not cleansing the cards or taking the time to connect with them will ensure that you get inaccurate readings.

    This is because tarot reading relies a lot on the personal connection between a reader and their cards. This connection helps you tap into the fundamental forces of reality to get the guidance you seek.

    Also, since the cards were already attuned to someone else, your unique method of getting the insights may not work properly.

    As you might already be aware, tarot reading is an art… and as such, each reader has their own way of getting the information they seek. So, a lack of synchronicity between you and the cards can lead to unfavorable results.

    2) The Cards May Become Defiant

    This one is quite funny if you think about it.

    It certainly makes you think that the cards have a personality of their own (which they do).

    You see, when you borrow someone else’s cards, they are comfortable with that person’s energy. And so, they might not want to work with you until you do the above-mentioned things.

    It’s like someone taking you away from your best friend and trying to have a deep and personal conversation with you. You would obviously not be as comfortable with a stranger as you are with your friend.

    So, don’t be surprised if the cards become “defiant.” You can rest assured that they are defiant if they keep falling from your hands, or you have trouble shuffling them. Or maybe you get cards that have absolutely nothing to do with your query!

    use someone else tarot cards quote 4

    3) It Might Deplete Your Energies

    Last but certainly not least, using cards without the proper precautions can deplete your energies.

    In this case, the energies involved become so heavy or strange that there is a net outflow from your aura. This might leave you confused and lead to inaccurate readings.

    Also, if the cards hadn’t been cleansed before the other person gave them to you, their energies can have a psychological impact on you.

    For instance, if they happen to be the jealous type, you could end up experiencing some jealousy as well! Fortunately, these effects are temporary and you can cleanse yourself and the cards to get rid of this issue.

    use someone else tarot cards quote 5

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