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Are Tarot Card Readings Set In Stone?

    When you go for a tarot card reading, three things can happen.

    You can hear something you like, you may hear something you don’t like, or it may be a mixed bag.

    Obviously, if your predicted outcome is positive, you would rejoice and be on your merry way. However, if it is not positive, you might become anxious or worried.

    Naturally, you would start wondering whether you can change the predicted outcome or if it is out of your hands. This happens to a lot of people and if you find yourself in the same boat, you might want to read on.

    So, are tarot card readings set in stone?

    The simple answer to this question is no. The outcomes suggested by a reader are what may “potentially” happen based on the current circumstances. And they may change down the road depending on various factors. So, even if you get an outcome that is opposite of what you wanted, fret not… you have the power to change it and achieve what your heart really wants.

    Why Tarot Readings Aren’t Set In Stone

    tarot cards exploring and crystals

    Before diving into why tarot readings aren’t set in stone, let’s take a look at what happens during a tarot reading and how the outcomes are predicted.

    You see, a tarot reading session is all about energy.

    When you go in with a question in mind, that energy is read by the cards. And based on your current energy, the cards come up with a potential trajectory.

    For example, if you just went through a painful breakup, you might be convinced that relationships will never work for you.

    Now, if you go for a tarot reading in this state of mind, the cards may indeed tell you that you will never get married. In this case, they are merely reflecting the outcome based on your current state of energy.

    This clearly shows that tarot readings are not set in stone. They merely tell you what may happen if you remain in your current trajectory.

    But thanks to your free will, you can change your trajectory at any time and hence, change the outcome. If you need more convincing, let’s take a look at a few points that will prove that the outcomes aren’t set in stone.

    1) The Interpretation May Vary

    First, let’s get the obvious reason out of the way.

    Tarot reading is not an exact science, it is an art.

    The readings rely heavily on interpreting the symbolism present in the cards. Naturally, the same cards or the same combination of cards can be interpreted differently by different readers.

    This is similar to other divination tools like numerology, astrology, runes, etc.

    The readers use their intuition, experience, and psychic abilities (if any) to help answer your queries. However, the way they decode the information from these tools can vary widely.

    So, if a tarot reader predicts an outcome you don’t like, do not let that discourage you. As with anything else in life, don’t discard your logic.

    Think rationally. Maybe the reader saw something that wasn’t there? Or maybe they didn’t see something that was there? Just to be sure, you can consult other tarot readers for confirmation. ( maybe one or 2 not 20 tarot readers hahaha )

    2) You Have Free Will

    This is perhaps the biggest factor at play.

    Most people believe that we have free will. As such, we can make decisions independently and take our lives in any direction we want. Sure, there might be certain things that are out of our control and challenges may crop up unexpectedly. However, we still have control over how we react or respond to any situation.

    The same applies in the case of tarot. If the reader suggests an outcome you don’t like, you can work to change it. For example, if the reader tells you that you might get a long-term disease five years from now, you can start working on your health immediately. ( note that I am not a big fan of dealing with health when it comes to tarot… But some readers do though…)

    Again, the cards only tell you what may happen based on the current state of things.

    So, it could be that you haven’t been taking care of your body or you might be indulging in some bad habits. So, if you get serious and start exercising, eating right, drinking fluids, spending time in nature, etc., you can ensure that you don’t get the disease.

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    3) Your Energy Can Influence The Reading

    I talked about this point above but let’s dive deeper.

    Tarot readings are all about energy. It is the language of the spiritual world.

    Every tarot reader relies on the energy that they feel from the cards to tell you the answers to your queries. This might be through intuition, premonition, clairvoyance, remote viewing, etc. Or they might simply go off of their feelings.

    However, a lot of people fail to understand that the cards themselves give suggestions based on the energy of the participants. This means that the energetic states of the reader and the querent can (and do) influence the reading.

    So, if you’re in a bad state of mind or emotions, your reading might get skewed.

    Similarly, if the energy of the reader is not ideal for whatever reason, the reading might not be accurate. So, in this case, if you get a reading that you don’t like, you can get another reading when you are feeling more calm and in tune with yourself.

    4) The Reader’s Abilities Matter

    This is kind of a no-brainer.

    As with any other profession or area of work, there are all types of readers out there.

    Some have decades of experience, while some are new. Some use psychic abilities to solve queries, while some use their feelings or even logic. Also, some people are naturally gifted in areas of divination and they simply know the answers to the queries at hand.

    So, the abilities of the reader you consult matter a lot when it comes to your particular situation. If they aren’t that experienced and aren’t yet in tune with their abilities, they might give inaccurate interpretations from time to time. Of course, they don’t do this intentionally, but it may still happen.

    So, when you get an outcome that troubles you, fret not.

    Try to see how capable the tarot reader is. If you’re availing their services online, you can check their reviews to see what the experiences of other people have been. If you consulted with them based on word of mouth, you can ask around to figure out how accurate they are.

    5) The Timing Matters

    Times change.

    We all know this, don’t we?

    What may be relevant to you today might not be relevant tomorrow. For example, our taste in music changes from time to time. Our nature of work or even relationships change over time. So, things, people, and situations that are important to you right now might not be important in the future.

    This applies to the outcome predicted by the cards as well.

    For instance, let’s say the cards tell you that your current girlfriend or boyfriend will cheat on you in a couple of years. Now, if you happen to break up with them for whatever reason (not due to the reading), the outcome predicted by the card will be redundant.

    However, if the cards tell you that your partner will cheat on you this week, then the outcome might be relevant. So, the probability of an outcome depends on the timing of your reading. For your part, when the cards suggest a negative outcome, think about whether you should really worry about it. Keep in mind that times change and act accordingly.

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    6) The Suggested Outcome Could Be One of Many

    There are many scientific theories that suggest that the future is never set in stone.

    Quantum mechanics goes as far as to say that there are infinite futures for our timeline and the one we experience is based on countless variables. I guess, in simple words, we can say that the future is constantly evolving based on the decisions we make in the present. ( no i won’t eat that coconut cake…;) before summer time hahah)

    Just think about it for a second. A person who meets with an accident could have avoided it if they had just left home a little early or a little late. Small things like this can change our entire trajectory.

    Therefore, when the cards tell you what may happen, it is exactly that.

    The outcome “may” happen. It is one of the infinite possibilities for your future. If you keep walking down the same path, the suggested outcome will become your reality. If you make the right adjustments, you can build a completely different life for yourself.

    7) The Law of Attraction

    If you are interested in the world of tarot, you might be interested in other spiritual concepts as well. If yes, I’m sure you have already heard about the law of attraction.

    It is a fundamental law of reality that states that like attracts like. In other words, what you attract in your life is based on your dominant thoughts and emotions.

    This is why positive people usually attract more positivity in life and negative people attract more negativity. We can use the teachings of the law of attraction in tarot as well.

    Let’s say the cards tell you that you are going to face financial issues after a few months. Now, if you get troubled by this potential outcome, you will start thinking negative thoughts. And so, you will end up attracting that fate. It will become a self-fulfilling prophecy in a sense.

    However, if you start practicing the law of attraction to attract wealth and remain positive, you will attract more money into your life. So, the outcome will be changed!

    8) Your Growth And Evolution Can Change Things

    We are all growing and evolving constantly.

    Our experiences and situations are always molding us in certain ways. So, even if you are not working on improving yourself actively, that process is still going on automatically. This is also one of the reasons why your tarot readings might not be set in stone.

    You see, when you grow into a better person, you can easily avoid some of the negative outcomes predicted by the cards.

    For example, if you have commitment issues, it is only obvious that your relationships won’t last very long. As such, if you go for a reading about the future of your relationships, the cards might tell you that you will never get married.

    However, if you work on your issues and allow yourself to be vulnerable, you can establish a long-term, healthy relationship. Since you changed yourself for the better, marriage would definitely be on the cards.

    9) External Influences Can Change The Outcomes

    For a lot of the above points, I talked about how you can take charge of your destiny and avoid unfavorable outcomes predicted by the cards. However, there are countless external influences that can change your trajectory as well. And these influences may be beyond the control of the cards, the reader, and you.

    Let’s take an example to understand this better.

    Let’s say you lead an unhealthy lifestyle where you don’t eat a proper diet or exercise. Naturally, when you get a reading, the cards might tell you that you will have health issues if you continue on your current trajectory. Now, even if you don’t do anything to change your path, external factors might intervene.

    In the above case, imagine that your company sends you to another state where you meet people who are obsessed with their health. They could be your coworkers or neighbors. You could be influenced by how well they take care of their bodies and you might start doing so too. As such, you will avoid the outcome predicted by the cards.

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    How To Change Your Outcome

    Now that we have taken a look at why the outcomes aren’t set in stone, let’s try to understand how you can change them proactively.

    1) Reflect On The Reading

    Sometimes, a tarot reading can be an overwhelming thing.

    Especially if you get a prediction that you don’t like. In such a scenario, it is a good idea to take some time to reflect on the reading to make better sense of it. This will require you to go over the whole thing in your mind and note down anything you might have missed.

    Ask yourself, what resonated the most with you about the reading? What aspects of it did you not like and why? What will happen if the predicted outcome does take place? Will it lead to a serious change or cause significant harm? How fast do you need to act to change the potential outcome?

    The answers to these questions will guide you to the next steps. They will help you set clear intentions about your future course of action. And they can also help you direct your energy toward positive changes.

    2) Have Faith That The Outcome Can Be Changed

    Faith is an important element in achieving anything in life.

    As the old saying goes, faith can move mountains. Even the law of attraction states that faith in your dreams and desires will help you attract them into your life.

    So, once you are clear about your current situation, you should convince yourself that the predicted outcome can be changed.

    Initially, a part of you might constantly tell you that it is impossible. You might think… well, the cards predicted it, so it has to happen, right? But remind yourself of all the reasons mentioned above and get it into your head that the future is never set in stone.

    Also, think about your guardian angels or other spirits that might be protecting you. Who knows… your angels might have inspired you to get the tarot reading just so that you could avoid the dreaded outcome! You can think of this as a form of divine intervention that is meant to protect you along your path.

    tarot readings set in stone quote 4

    3) Take Positive Action

    The next step is to take positive action.

    Once you know what outcome you want to avoid, it becomes easy to devise the perfect plan.

    For example, if the cards tell you that you are going to face a health issue down the line, the solution is pretty simple: eat healthy food, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, get enough sunlight, exercise daily, and so on.

    Similarly, if the cards tell you that you might face financial turmoil, you can get started on some much-needed financial planning. You could start saving more, look for alternate streams of income, find the right investment plans, work hard to get a promotion, etc.

    In addition to all of this, stay on the lookout for hints or messages from the universe or your guardian angels.

    They may communicate with you using angel numbers, strange coincidences, etc., to guide you along the way. If you can decode their messages, you can quite easily avoid the outcomes suggested by the tarot cards.

    4) Focus On Improving Yourself

    If you’ve gotten enough readings, you have probably realized something very important. It’s that most of the troubles in your future appear only because you are lacking in certain areas of your life. Since the cards can easily read your current energies, they can tell you what you can expect in a particular area of life in the future.

    For example, if you are avoiding your health due to whatever reason, it is only obvious that this will lead to troubles in this area. If you’re avoiding your closest people, your relationships with them will suffer. As you can see, most of the troubles we eventually face are the result of our own mistakes. And the cards simply bring this to light.

    Therefore, if you constantly improve yourself in all areas of life, you can avoid a lot of negative outcomes that would have otherwise happened.

    You can do this even without getting a tarot reading. So, make sure you focus on your health, finances, career, relationships, purpose, hobbies, self-care, self-development, etc.

    5) Trust Your Intuition

    Sometimes, you might not know exactly what to do to avoid the predicted outcome.

    Sometimes, your plan might not work the way you had intended. In times like these, it is better to slow down, take a breath, and trust your intuition. Often, the solution to your problem is already there within you. You just have to bring it to the surface. And that is when you need to listen to your inner self.

    It is hard to explain what exactly you need to do in this case. I guess you just need to wait for the right feeling or a certain knowing to show up. You will know it when you get it.

    In the meantime, you could instill some spiritual practices in your daily routine. Things like meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can help you get in touch with your inner self. They can help you calm your mind and find deep relaxation within yourself. This can increase the chances of getting those “aha” moments.

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    6) Use Tarot For More Guidance

    Ironically, you can ask the tarot cards to help you avoid the outcomes that they suggested in the first place!

    To that end, you could get another reading, or ask this question within the same reading. The reader will probably have to do a new spread to figure out how to get you out of your predicament.

    Perhaps the best thing about this method is that you can gain a better understanding of the outcome. So, if you had misunderstood what the cards wanted to say, this could clear things up. The cards can then suggest an overall plan or path to avoid the outcome.

    You could also start doing daily readings. For instance, you could pick one card for the day and follow its guidance. You could also do monthly draws to ensure you are on the right track to avoid any unfavorable situations.

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