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How To Connect With Spirit Guides And Angels

    connect with spirit guides and angels

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all had spirit guides or guardian angels like we were told when we were kids? Wouldn’t it be nice to receive guidance from those entities who can literally see our past, present, and future all at once?

    Wouldn’t their presence make our lives so much smoother and richer?

    Well, guess what?

    Spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, or anything else you want to call them are all real. Countless spiritual and religious texts from both the Eastern and Western cultures say the same thing: spirit guides exist, and they are here to help us.

    So, how do you connect with spirit guides and angels?

    Thankfully, this isn’t as hard as people might have made you believe. If you make some fundamental changes in your life, you could start connecting with your angels quickly. Also, several practices like meditation, journaling, visualization, tarot readings, crystals, and energy healing, can help you establish and nurture a strong relationship with your spirit guides.

    But before we explore these practices in more depth, let’s first clear some of our fundamentals about this concept.

    What Are Spirit Guides?

    spiritual guides in the sky

    To understand what spirit guides are, you need to first understand that the physical realm we live in is a tiny part of the overall reality. It is just one of the several dimensions of existence. The other dimensions are spiritual or nonphysical in nature.

    It is in these dimensions where spirits, guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters, spirit animals, ancestors, and other nonphysical beings live.

    In fact, when we die, our soul or consciousness is said to be separated from our physical body and goes into these higher dimensions.

    As far as these spiritual beings are concerned, they are tasked with offering guidance, support, and protection to people.

    They are assigned to us to make sure that we keep walking on the right path and achieve our life’s purpose. To make that happen, they help us deal with life’s challenges, make important decisions, and connect with our higher selves.

    The Different Types of Spirit Guides And Angels

    man connecting with nature

    When it comes to benevolent spiritual beings, people mostly only know about guardian angels. But the spiritual realm is filled with all sorts of entities.

    And it’s a good thing to understand who they are and what purpose they fulfill. This makes it easier for us to call upon them in times of need and when we want to grow spiritually. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the different types of spirit guides.

    1) Guardian Angels

    As the name suggests, guardian angels are those angels that are assigned to protect and guide you throughout your life.

    So, you have exclusive guardian angels who are only focused on you and your life. And yes, you can have more than one guardian angel! Isn’t that cool?

    These angels offer unconditional love, support, and protection and you can call upon them anytime you want.

    Even if you don’t call upon them, they often intervene to prevent harm or subtly guide you toward the right choices.

    connect with spirit guides and angels quote 1

    2) Archangels

    Archangels are considered the top-ranking angels in the spirit world.

    They are incredibly powerful beings who have specific roles and responsibilities such as offering guidance, and strength, and intervening in significant events.

    Their energy signature is so large that spiritually gifted people can easily sense their presence (if they happen to be around).

    Archangels have been talked about prominently in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. And it’s said that they serve as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.

    3) Spirit Animals

    Spirit animals are probably one of the most popular types of spiritual entities.

    A spirit animal could be a pet that you once had and has passed away. Or it could be the spirit of an animal that has been assigned to teach you something in this lifetime. This is why spirit animals are said to be highly personal and unique to every person.

    They can appear in your dreams or even in the real world to offer insights and guidance. For example, if you tend to see bees a lot, it is a message to enjoy your life more and celebrate the phenomenon of life. It also means you should transform into the best version of yourself.

    4) Ascended Masters

    Everyone knows about ascendant masters.

    These are highly evolved beings who were able to break the limitations of physical reality and transcend to spiritual realms while they were alive. Some examples are Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mother Mary, etc.

    These masters work together for the upliftment of the entire human race. And you can call upon any of them to receive guidance and support. If you want to walk the same path as they did, they will have a special place in your life.

    5) Ancestors/ Departed Loved Ones

    In most cultures of the world, there are rituals that are done to honor the ones that have left us.

    It could be our elders or even the ones we lost too early. If they choose to stay in the spiritual realms and guide their loved ones, they become your spirit guides.

    So, your grandfather or even your best friend could serve as your spirit guide after they have departed. They can help you in practical ways like sending you career opportunities, helping you become a better person, saving your relationships, etc.

    6) Higher Self

    Different people have slightly different definitions of higher self. But I understand it as the pure consciousness that resides at the core of your self.

    This energy is devoid of any desires, identities, or anything that can bind you to the physical realm. And it manifests as your higher self in the spiritual world.

    What’s different in this case is that you can connect with this self through various spiritual practices and become it over time. So, in a way, it’s not that you and your higher self are two different entities. It’s just that you are two different manifestations of the same energy – one in the physical realm and one in the spiritual one.

    connect with spirit guides and angels quote 2

    How Do Spirit Guides Communicate With Us?

    Spirit guides don’t have physical bodies.

    And we usually don’t have higher spiritual abilities that can help us talk to them as we do with other humans. So, you can imagine that communication with them can be a little tricky. After all, it involves two different dimensions of existence!

    So, guardian spirits use various creative (and fun) methods to send their messages to us, which I will talk about below. You might already be aware of some of these.

    1) Angel Numbers

    Angel numbers are probably the most popular method that people know about. These are special and repetitive sequences of numbers that you will notice everywhere you go.

    For example, you could see the number 1111 in a movie, on your phone whenever you tap it, on the grocery receipt, on a number plate on a car, etc.

    Different angel numbers have different meanings and the number you see depends on what message your angels want to give you.

    For example, if you see 1111, it’s a message that you should set new intentions and they’ll succeed. If you see 555, it could mean that major changes are on the cards for you.

    2) Strange Coincidences

    Has it ever happened to you that you were thinking of your best friend and you instantly received a text from them? Or that you met the same stranger twice or thrice on the same day at different places? Well, these are meaningful coincidences that are called “synchronicities.”

    It is essentially your spirit guides arranging events in a way that look like happy coincidences to you. But they have deep messages behind them.

    For instance, meeting the same stranger again might mean that they have an important role to play in your life. In this case, you should go and talk to them!

    3) Inner Knowing

    Have you ever had moments when you just “knew” what you were supposed to do during an event? For example, if someone comes to you with a problem at your office, you just know how to solve it… even if you don’t have any experience with that particular type of problem.

    This inner spark of wisdom or “knowing” is basically your angels telling you what you need to do. every time I feel bad, I know right away what could lift my mood hahah buying a new tarot deck hahahah

    Consider this a little cheat code where you surpass all rules of the physical realm and life becomes a little easier!

    connect with spirit guides and angels quote 3

    4) Sparks of Light

    This is one of those rarer occurrences, but they do indeed happen with some people. Especially if they are more spiritually inclined.

    People like these often see sparks of light just outside their field of view or during meditation and yoga.

    These sparks of light could be just white light or have various colors. And depending on that, you could figure out what they mean. Also, sometimes, there is no particular meaning attached… it’s just the angels wanting to make their presence known.

    5) Books Falling Off The Shelf

    If a book falls off the shelf on its own, you might be a little scared. ( especially if you watch a horror movie hahah)

    Obviously, your first thought would be that a ghost did it. But hear me out. Often, if the angels need to grab your attention urgently or if they have something really important to tell you, they might use this method.

    This is because it is not as subtle as the other methods on this list. It is something that you can’t ignore as a random coincidence. So, take a look at the book that fell off, read it, and try to figure out what your angels might be trying to tell you.

    6) Dreams

    This is another common method used by the spirits to contact you. If your spirit guides appear in your dreams and tell you something, make sure to note it down after you wake up.

    You could also see several symbols, places, people, or messages repeatedly. Again, make note of these as soon as you can.

    Sometimes, your dream might be so strange that it might not make any sense at all, no matter how hard you try. In this case, write the whole dream down as if you are recollecting a memory. And then try to read it from time to time. You might get insights over time about what it means.

    7) Physical Sensations

    Have you ever felt like someone placed their hand on your shoulder? Or have you felt like something was pulling you away from a place or event? If yes, there is a good chance that it was one of your spirit guides.

    They don’t usually go to these lengths, but if the matter is urgent, they might interact with you physically.

    This may involve feeling chills, tingling sensations, subtle touches, a sense of comfort, a sense of warmth, and so on. They do this to indicate their presence so that you know you’re safe or to pull you away from danger.

    Why You Need To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

    Reading through the above, you might be wondering:

    But why do I need to connect with my spirit guides in the first place? Can’t I simply live my life without spiritual entities guiding me?

    Well, the thing is, life is not easy. We all know this, don’t we? There are countless factors influencing you at any given time. And the smallest of decisions can take your life on a totally different path. So, it’s easy to mess up if you don’t have that “knowing” about what to do next.

    Let’s take an example. When you go out for work in the morning, do you know how many things can injure you or hurt you throughout the day? You could get hit by a car, punched by someone, get bitten by a dog, fall off the stairs, and have hot coffee fall on you. There are too many to count really.

    And yet, most days, you return home safe. Why do you think that is? We may never realize this, but there might be forces who are constantly guiding us and protecting us. That’s why.

    And this isn’t only about safety. There is so much more to human life that needs higher wisdom: living your purpose, marrying the right person, taking care of your health, finding the right career, choosing the right home, finding the right friends, etc.

    All these require the support of your angels so that you can live a relatively comfortable life while fulfilling your purpose of being in this realm.

    How To Connect With Spirit Guides And Angels

    woman listening to her intuition

    So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s focus on the main topic of this article: how to connect with your guardian angels.

    As I stated above, it’s not that hard. There are so many ways you can instill in your everyday life and slowly open the right channels of communication between you and your guides. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

    1) Have Faith In Your Spirit Guides

    This is probably where you should start.

    In fact, most meaningful things in life require faith as their foundation, be it relationships, chasing your dreams, finding your purpose, or anything else.

    So, start by having faith that your spirit guides are around you, even if you can’t feel their presence. Trust that they are eager to guide you and care deeply for your happiness and well-being. This will actually cheer them up as it will be the first official step you take towards them.

    Also, get into the habit of asking for assistance whenever you want it. Don’t feel shy or awkward about constantly calling up your angels. They are there exactly for that purpose! So, be clear about what you need help with and say something like, “Oh guardian spirit, I need your help regarding…”

    2) Practice Meditation Regularly

    This is one of the most powerful spiritual practices in existence. Not only does it benefit your health, but it also opens up your latent psychic abilities.

    This has been known for thousands of years in the eastern cultures of the world. In fact, there are many different types of meditation that are designed specifically to enhance your spiritual abilities.

    One such method involves deep relaxation and focusing on your forehead. This involves sitting down with your eyes closed and taking a few deep breaths. Continue breathing deeply until you are relaxed and centered.

    Then, focus on the center of your forehead. This is where the third eye chakra is placed. If you didn’t already know, the third eye chakra is responsible for extrasensory perception. The more you open it, the better you can connect with the spiritual realm. Practice this meditation daily and you should start to see the results within a month.

    connect with spirit guides and angels quote 4

    3) Document Your Spiritual Experiences

    The spiritual journey is a long one that is filled with tons of experiences you can’t explain. After all, we were never really taught about the spiritual realms and our place and purpose in the physical realm. So, as an adult, you have to figure things out on your own. But don’t get disheartened. Going on this journey alone can be a fun adventure and more rewarding.

    So, make a habit of noting down all your strange and fun experiences in your journal. Felt a sense of tingling while meditating? Write it down. Keep seeing the same number repeatedly? Note it down. Had a flash of intuition about something? Do the same.

    You can do this with your dreams, synchronicities, physical sensations, seeing lights, feeling a presence, and so on. Slowly, over time, you will start to see a pattern emerging. This will not only enhance your faith in your guides but you’ll also understand how to approach them more easily.

    4) Practice Visualizations

    Visualization is another really powerful technique when you want to make stuff happen in your life. From great business people to athletes, everyone uses the power of visualization. As wise people often say, if you can see it in the eye of your mind, you will see it in the real world.

    So, take some time for yourself every day and sit in your favorite room or place. Then, close your eyes and visualize meeting with your spirit guides. Make every detail as vivid as you possibly can.

    For instance, you could imagine that you are in a beautiful place filled with clouds. Then, see a tall figure wearing white robes approaching you. As it comes closer, you feel a sense of warmth throughout your body. This is your spirit guide and you’re rejoiced to meet them. Then say everything you want to say to them and imagine them responding to every question.

    This exercise will help your energies become more comfortable in the presence of your spirit guide and will prepare you to get a flood of information from the spiritual realm.

    5) Practice Tarot

    Tarot reading is an ancient practice that is designed to get information about a topic from the spiritual realm. Experienced tarot readers are able to connect with their guardian spirits to understand a situation better and come up with potential solutions and insights.

    If the world of tarot has ever interested you ( of course), you might want to finally learn this practice. It will not only help you in your everyday life, but it will also help you establish a subtler relationship with your spirit guides. You will learn how they work and how they guide you in relation to a wide variety of subjects.

    Also, it is a more structured and tangible way to connect with your guides. Depending on who you are as a person, this might attract you more than some of the other methods on this list.

    6) Practice Automatic Writing

    This is one of those methods that might seem a little odd or awkward in the beginning. But as you get the hang of it, you will probably want to use it every single day. But what is it really about?

    Well, when you are in a relaxed and meditative state, you are in a much better position to receive information from your guardian spirits. It’s just that you need a medium to receive that info. And that’s where writing comes in.

    After you’ve meditated, you can sit down with your journal and a pen. And then, you could start by inviting your angels to write through you. Begin by writing something like, “Dear angels, I invite you to pour your infinite wisdom on these pages through me.” Then, let your pen do its thing. Don’t hold back. Allow the angels to control your hand and let the words come out.

    You might see all sorts of stories, messages, events, or other information being written by your hand. You might even see your handwriting changed. Don’t be scared. Just enjoy the process and be in that state of flow.

    connect with spirit guides and angels quote 5

    7) Ask For A Sign

    This is possibly the easiest method you can apply to communicate with your spirit guides and angels. All you need to do is ask for a sign from them to prove that they are around. Don’t worry, they won’t mind it. If you do this with sincerity, you might get an instant sign or hint that they are there. In fact, this whole process can be a lot of fun.

    For example, you might suddenly see a feather floating outside your window. Or you might suddenly get a call from your friend named “Angel.”

    If you don’t get a sign instantly, don’t be disheartened. Keep your eyes and ears peeled throughout the day. Be open and allow the magic to happen. Try to stay aligned with the universe. Maybe you will start seeing angel numbers when you go outside. Or maybe a random stranger will compliment you at the cafe by saying, “You look like an angel.”

    When you’ve received your sign, thank the angels for showing their presence and for being around. Tell them that you really value all that they do for you. Be grateful and show unconditional love. Your angels will truly appreciate that.

    8) Use Crystals And Stones

    Crystals and stones are powerful objects that can open a lot of spiritual doors for you. These objects have been used for healing and occult purposes for thousands of years. And there is a lot of information out there about which stones and crystals you can use for what purposes.

    As for communicating with your spirit guides, you could get some crystals that can open up your third eye and crown chakras. Or you could get crystals that can amplify the positive energies around you. I think some great crystals in this regard are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, etc.

    You can place these crystals throughout your home and carry some with you wherever you go. You can also hold them in your hands while you meditate. This will take your practice to a whole other level… one that you couldn’t have even imagined. And in that state of meditativeness, you will be able to talk to your angels as if you were talking to a friend on the phone!

    9) Take Energy Healing Sessions

    In most people, there exist energy blockages that limit their spiritual progress. These energy blockages are often the result of past trauma, bad karma, self-doubt, mental health issues, physical disease, and so on. If you have these blockages, it might be a little difficult for you to communicate with your angels.

    After all, interacting with the spirit plane is all about energies. And you need to have a strong aura and a good flow of spiritual energy within you to make that happen. But fret not, there are many ways that can help you in this regard.

    For instance, you can take energy healing sessions to keep your energy body in top shape. An energy healer will remove your blockages, strengthen your aura, and ensure a proper flow of energy in your chakras. This is probably why Reiki is so famous nowadays. With a few sessions of Reiki, you will be in a much better position to converse with your spirit guides.

    10) Be More Childlike

    Have you ever heard children talk about fairies or their “imaginary” friends? Have you seen them seemingly talk to themselves? Well, the truth is that most children can actually see their spirit guides until a certain age. This is because of their innocence and the fact that they are not yet conditioned by society’s limiting beliefs.

    Growing up, however, the veil between the worlds starts to close up as they are taught to be rational and use scientific methods of looking at the world. This is the time they lose their guidance system. Suffice it to say, this is tragic.

    So, if you want to learn how to communicate more freely with your guides, be more childlike. Let go of your conditioning and inhibitions. Do things that you enjoy and love. Paint, swim, sing, dance, go out, jump around, laugh, smile, help other people, and so on.

    Don’t be too worried about the future and don’t regret the past. Surrender to the forces of the universe and have faith that your angels have a plan for you. When you do this, and start to live life in the state of flow, you will have a strong sense of being led by a higher force. And this is a wonderful feeling to live by.

    11) Use The Power of Sounds

    In some Eastern cultures, it is said that the entire existence was created out of a single sound. Even some scientific studies have shown that vibrations could be the basis of our physical reality. It’s not a surprise then that there are many methods that use the power of sounds to connect to higher realms of existence.

    You can explore and practice these methods to contact your spirit guides. For example, you could chant mantras or listen to specific frequencies like binaural beats. You could also bathe yourself in the sounds of instruments like the Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, flutes, etc. This can raise your vibrations and facilitate smoother communication with your guides.

    As you make this a natural part of life, you will gain the ability to alter your vibrations at will and talk to your spirit guides without much effort. However, this will take time and patience.

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