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How to Use Essential Oils with Tarot: Enhance Your Readings and Elevate Your Intuition

    how to use essential oils with tarot

    Have you ever considered incorporating essential oils into your tarot practice?

    Essential oils can enhance your tarot readings by helping you connect more deeply with your intuition and cleanse the energy of your cards.

    By combining the powerful scents of essential oils with the symbolic meanings of tarot cards, you can create a unique and transformative experience.

    To get started, you can experiment with different essential oils to find which scents resonate with you and your tarot practice.

    Some popular oils for sharpening intuition and spiritual connection include rose, geranium, and lemon.

    You can easily find essential oils such as the rose one here on my go to online shop ( amazon.. I know but it is so convenient and fast).

    You might even consider creating your own custom blend by combining some drops of your favorite essential oils in a carrier oil like grapeseed. Some like to rub the mixture onto their body before a reading to strengthen their connection to their inner wisdom.

    In addition to using essential oils on your body, you can also cleanse your cards and your reading space with a spritz or diffuser. This helps maintain a clear and positive energy, allowing you to connect better with the messages of the tarot.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with various oils and see what works best for you – the possibilities are endless!

    Understanding Tarot and Essential Oils

    essential oils with bottles

    Basics of Tarot

    Tarot is a powerful divination tool that can offer guidance and clarity to your life.

    When engaging with tarot, you can connect with your intuition and uncover insights about your past, present, and future.

    A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with a unique symbolism and message. To get the most out of your tarot readings, it’s essential to create an atmosphere that fosters deep reflection and focus.

    Basics of Essential Oils

    Essential oils are concentrated extracts derived from plants, and they have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties.

    They carry a wide range of benefits, from improving mood and promoting relaxation, to uplifting energy and enhancing focus. When used in conjunction with tarot, essential oils can deepen your connection to the cards and enhance your intuitive abilities.

    To introduce essential oils into your tarot practice, choose a scent that resonates with you and the energy you wish to cultivate during your reading.

    For example, lavender can help create a calming environment, while citrus scents like lemon and orange can uplift and energize you.

    Begin by diffusing a few drops of your chosen essential oil in a diffuser such as this one on amazon which is super affordable and effective, or add them to a spray bottle with water or hydrolat.

    Spritz the mixture around your reading space and even lightly on the tarot cards themselves. This will help cleanse the energy surrounding your reading and enhance your connection to the cards.

    As you work with essential oils during your tarot practice, pay attention to how different scents affect your readings and intuition. Explore and experiment with different oil blends to find the combination that works best for you and your practice. Remember, the goal is to create a harmonious atmosphere that supports your journey with tarot.

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    Setting the Space for Tarot Readings

    sacred space for tarot

    Creating a Sacred Space

    When setting up your sacred space for tarot readings, the first step is to find a quiet, comfortable area where you can focus without distractions.

    Once you’ve selected the perfect spot, consider laying down a piece of cloth or a decorative scarf that you love on a clean surface.

    Surround this with sacred items that hold personal meaning for you, such as lit candles, incense, flowers, or photographs of ancestors.

    Try adding essential oils to your tarot practice to stimulate your senses and create a soothing atmosphere.

    Next, prepare yourself for the reading by calming your mind and connecting with your intuition. Taking a few deep breaths or engaging in a brief meditation can help you tap into the divine guidance that resides within you.

    Cleansing Your Space

    In order to cleanse the energy surrounding your tarot reading space, consider using techniques like smudging with sage, essential oil sprays, or a diffuser blend containing oils like frankincense and palo santo. Here’s a simple blend you can create for a diffuser ( i added the amazon links so you can check them more easily and find what works best for you) :

    Add 3 drops of this blend to your diffuser for 2-3 minutes before starting your tarot reading. The aromatic oils will help clear any negative energy and set the stage for a positive, insightful tarot experience.

    Remember to cleanse your tarot deck by either smudging or using essential oil sprays as well. This ensures the deck’s energy is clean and free from any lingering negative vibes from previous readings.

    By creating a sacred space and properly cleansing your tarot environment with essential oils and other tools, you can enhance your intuitive abilities and make your tarot reading experience more meaningful and transformative, both for you and your clients.

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    Selecting Essential Oils for Tarot Readings

    hand holding a bottle of essential oil

    Considering the Intention of the Reading

    Before selecting essential oils for your tarot readings, consider the intention behind the reading.

    Are you looking for guidance, clarity, or emotional healing?

    Different essential oils can help enhance these intentions and strengthen your intuition as you perform the reading. Begin by reflecting on what you hope to achieve during the session and how you want to feel.

    Choosing Appropriate Essential Oils

    There are various essential oils to choose from that can enhance your tarot reading experience. Each oil has its unique characteristics, which can help create the right atmosphere and mindset for your reading. Here are some suggestions you can easily find from amazon or any shop :

    • For clarity and focus: Rose, frankincense, and sandalwood can help you stay centered and open to receiving insights from your reading.
    • For creating a calm environment: Lavender, cedarwood, and sage can aid in releasing negative energies, allowing you to focus on the positive aspects of your reading.
    • For emotional healing and support: Consider incorporating oils like rose, lavender, or ylang-ylang to create a soothing atmosphere conducive to healing.

    When using essential oils, you can diffuse them in the room where you’re conducting the reading or even apply a few drops diluted in a carrier oil to your pulse points. Experiment with different combinations to determine which oils resonate with you and your intention for the reading.

    Remember that essential oils are powerful tools for enhancing the energy and emotion in your tarot readings, so take the time to plan and select the best oils to support your intention.

    By integrating these fragrances into your practice, you’ll elevate your intuition and create a powerful, focused environment for your readings.

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    Incorporating Essential Oils in Tarot Readings

    pouring drops of essential oils in a diffuser

    Using Diffusers and Room Sprays

    To improve your tarot readings with the power of essential oils, we mentionned the idea of using a diffuser or room spray into your reading space.

    Choose an essential oil diffuser that suits your preferences ( this one here from amazon is cost effective, and fill it with a blend of oils that promote relaxation, intuition, and positive energy.)

    if you prefer to use a spray,the formula for the spray is simple: you can create a room spray by mixing a total of 30 drops of your chosen oils into 100ml of water.

    Pour this mixture into a spray bottle, and spritz it around your body and space before starting your tarot reading. This will help clear any negative energy and make you more receptive to the messages of the cards.

    Anointing Tarot Decks and Yourself

    Another way to incorporate essential oils into your tarot practice is by anointing your deck and yourself.

    like we did before, begin by picking an oil or blend that resonates with your intention for the reading. For example, use Frankincense and Myrrh to enhance and boost spiritual connection and intuition.

    To anoint your tarot deck, add 2 or 3 drops of your chosen essential oil to a carrier oil, such as jojoba or almond oil. Apply a small amount of this mixture to a soft cloth and gently wipe each card, allowing the oil to cleanse and charge the energy of your tarot deck. (Only use this method on cards that have some “plastic” coating….)

    Before anointing yourself, do a patch test by applying a small amount of diluted oil to your inner elbow and waiting 24 hours to check for any adverse reactions.

    If there are no issues, you can then apply the diluted oil to your pulse points or chakra centers, such as your wrists, temples, or heart center.

    This will help you feel more connected to your intuition, reduce anxiety, and deepen your connection to the tarot as you breathe in the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils.

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    Selecting Essential Oils for Different Tarot Themes

    amber bottle of essntial oil

    As you explore the world of tarot and essential oils, you’ll find that certain scents can enhance the focus and atmosphere of your readings. In this section, we’ll discuss which essential oils are great for love and relationship readings, as well as career and financial readings.

    Essential Oils for Love and Relationship Readings

    When you’re doing a tarot reading about love and relationships, you’ll want to create a warm and welcoming environment. Here are some essential oils from amazon that can help to set the mood:

    • Rose: This oil is associated with love and has a high vibratory frequency, which can help to attract angels and spirit guides that bring joy and love to your session.
    • Cedarwood: Known for its grounding and calming effects, cedarwood can create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing you and the person you’re reading for to open up and explore emotions and connections.
    • Geranium: This oil not only has a soft, floral scent that sets a romantic tone, but it’s also known for balancing emotions, helping you and the person you’re reading for to delve deeper into feelings and relationship dynamics.

    Essential Oils for Career and Financial Readings

    For tarot readings focused on career and financial matters, try using these essential oils (easy to get from amazon) to facilitate clarity, insight, and motivation:

    • Bergamot: Known for its uplifting and mood boosting properties, bergamot can create an atmosphere of positivity and inspiration, leading to clearer insights during your reading.
    • Cinnamon: This warm and spicy scent has been linked to prosperity and luck, making it an ideal choice for career-centered readings. It can also help to enhance psychic abilities and astral projection.
    • Eucalyptus oil: With its refreshing and invigorating properties, eucalyptus can help to clear mental fog and stimulate focus, allowing you to delve deeper into career and financial concerns.

    When selecting essential oils for different tarot themes, trust your intuition and pay attention to how the scents make you feel. You can mix and match the oils mentioned above or explore other scents that resonate with you.

    As you incorporate essential oils into your tarot practice, you’ll discover how they enrich the entire experience, making your readings more insightful and meaningful for both you and the person you’re reading for.

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    Enhancing Your Intuitive Practice with Essential Oils

    person meditating

    Meditation and Relaxation

    Incorporating essential oils into your meditation practice can help you enhance your intuitive abilities and strengthen the connection with your inner self. Essential oils like lavender, frankincense, and clary sage can help reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve your focus during meditation.

    To use these oils for meditation, you can:

    • Add some drops to a diffuser or oil burner and breathe in the calming scents as you meditate.
    • Apply a diluted mixture of your chosen oil to your temples, wrists, or third eye area before starting your session.
    • Blend 2 to 3 drops of oil into a carrier oil and use it for a pre-meditation massage to help you relax and ground your energy.

    Connecting with Spirit Guides

    Essential oils can also help you establish a stronger connection with your spirit guides during tarot readings or other forms of intuitive practice.

    Oils like sandalwood, angelica, and jasmine are said to help support your spiritual awareness and communication with your guides.

    To use these oils when connecting with your spirit guides, consider:

    • Anointing your tarot cards with a diluted essential oil before a reading to invite the guidance and wisdom of your spirit guides.
    • Diffusing the oil in your sacred space to create an atmosphere of spiritual connection and protection.
    • Using the oil as a perfume to wear during your intuitive practice to keep you present and open to the messages from your guides.

    Remember, it’s essential to use essential oils safely and responsibly. Always dilute the oils with a carrier oil and test for any allergic reactions before using them on your skin. Trust your intuition while experimenting with different oils to find the ones that work best for you and your intuitive practice.

    As you explore essential oils in your intuitive practice, you may notice a deeper connection to your intuition, an increased ability to focus during meditation, and stronger guidance from your spirit guides. Embrace the power of these natural tools to help with your spiritual journey and personal growth.

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