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The Benefits of Collecting Tarot Decks

    benefits of collecting tarot decks

    Ok your husband, partner, parent, friend or whoever keeps asking you the same question over and over again : “but why on earth did you buy ANOTHER deck ???”

    To us tarot readers, this is obvious…. because we need that deck hahah.. so why not think and list all the reasons we could give to them hahah….

    But more seriously when you get into the world of tarot, it is quite easy to get obsessed with it.

    I mean, there is just so much to do… learning how to read cards, understanding their history, getting the right deck, connecting with people, enhancing your intuition, and so much more! Take, for example, collecting tarot decks haha. It is one of the most loved habits of a lot of tarot readers and so much fun…

    Since there are so many different types of decks out there, each with its own symbolism, cultural influence, design, theme, history, etc., tarot decks offer a whole world of exploration and inspiration.

    Sure, it might appear as an “addiction” to many, especially your well-meaning loved ones, but that’s the wrong way to look at it. In reality, tarot collection is a fun, inexpensive, and healing habit that has a lot of benefits.

    So, what are the benefits or reasons of collecting tarot decks?

    There are way too many to count. It helps you develop your intuition, support artists, enhance your reading skills, delve deeper into different cultures, grow spiritually, compare interpretations, connect with other tarot readers, and so on. You can even trade them if you would like!

    In this article, I am going to talk about these benefits in more detail. You could even use one of them to “justify” why you needed that new deck hahaha. oh and remember, don’t that article too seriously.

    So, ready? let’s dive right in.

    1) It Helps You Become A Better Tarot Reader

    tarot cards exploring and crystals

    As I mentioned above, tarot decks come in all sorts of themes, designs, and styles that offer a wide range of symbolism. To make things even deeper, each card of each deck is packed with a multitude of meanings and interpretations.

    So, when you collect various tarot decks, you obviously get exposed to different types of imagery and symbolism. This can be a huge boon for any tarot reader, whether you are just starting out or have a few years under your belt.

    In fact, the more nuances and visual languages you explore, the better your readings become. After all, it develops your ability to understand the subtleties of various questions, situations, and aspects of life. And this is what makes you a better tarot reader and helps you provide accurate readings.

    2) It Helps You Curate The Perfect Collection

    Collecting things is one of our most basic human instincts.

    This is why people collect all sorts of things like dinner sets, posters, movies, art, coffee mugs, and so on. It gives them an opportunity to create a personal collection that they adore and are attached to. It is no different with tarot decks.

    In fact, when it comes to tarot decks, there is a deeper sense of connection involved. After all, you need to infuse the cards with your own energies and see them as an extension of yourself.

    So, when you get various decks for yourself, you are essentially curating the perfect collection that holds deep significance for you. And this entire process is an intimate journey that you are deeply invested in.

    Also, if you think about it, your collection of tarot decks is a reflection of who you are as a person. It’s a way for you to express yourself and your tastes in an artistic manner. This adds even more meaning to the process.

    benefits of colecting tarot decks quote 1

    3) It Enhances Your Intuition

    woman listening to her intuition

    This is something that a lot of tarot readers experience.

    Just working with one tarot deck is enough to build your intuition over time as you consistently delve deeper into the cards’ symbolism and imagery. Now imagine what would happen if you worked with several decks at once!

    You see, your intuition is like any other ability. It can be developed through training. In the world of tarot, perhaps the best way of doing this is by getting yourself a wide variety of decks that have unique energies and insights to offer.

    I really think that the different types of symbolism, interpretations, insights, and imagery act like fodder for your intuition. With practice, you are better able to attune your vibrations to different energies and situations, which could help you reach the most accurate readings.

    4) It Helps You Learn About Different Cultures And Traditions

    man from asian culture

    This one is straightforward.

    Different tarot decks are made by different people who come from all walks of life.

    As such, if you get a healthy mix of tarot decks, you will be exposed to various cultures, traditions, and regions of the world. This not only opens up your mind as a human being but also helps you become a much more mature tarot reader.

    For instance, if you buy an Egyptian tarot deck, you might naturally become interested in Egyptian culture and history. You might do research on their way of life and also delve into the origins and evolution of tarot in that part of the world.

    And as you keep collecting tarot decks from different cultures around the world, you will keep enhancing your knowledge and wisdom. It is like meeting different people with their own life experience, culture…. we learn so much for others and this is no exception….You will better understand the universal truths and aspects of human life that somehow transcend time and space. ( “transcend time and space”, I have always wanted to use that since my charmed Tv series period hahah)

    benefits of colecting tarot decks quote 2

    5) It Aids Your Spiritual Growth

    spiritual retreat

    The journey of spiritual growth is a continuous one. As you keep learning valuable lessons in life, you keep growing spiritually.

    You also keep refining your understanding of reality and the purpose of life. Well, collecting tarot decks can help you grow spiritually as well! ( check our article about how to enhance your spiritual pratice here )

    When you explore different tarot decks, you come to know about different perspectives in life and pushes you to understand life trough the eyes of the artist / reader who created it.

    This could be sometimes uncomfortable especially when the cards depict our own insecurities… this encourages us to meditate and reflect on our own limitations and beliefs… in a way, these decks can provide you with the wisdom and guidance you need for your personal growth and self-discovery.

    In a way, it’s like getting readings from various tarot readers and receiving a lot of valuable input. Over time, you are able to internalize these inputs and grow into a much better version of yourself.

    6) It Helps You Support Artists

    I think this is one of the nicest reasons we could give to justify our tarot deck shopping spree haha.

    Artists are a really valuable part of society. They make us realize how great the human potential is. And, of course, they also bless us with creations that mesmerize us and delight us in various ways. As such, we should do our part in supporting their work in whatever way possible.

    One such way is buying tarot decks. Usually, these types of decks are created by independent artists and when you buy a tarot deck, you may very well be supporting their livelihood. In fact, if more people were aware of this, more and more artists would be inspired to join the tarot community and showcase their impressive creativity!

    There are already so many unique tarot card decks out there. There are hand-drawn decks, digital artwork decks, anime-themed decks, wooden decks, and much more. You can even commission an artist to make a custom tarot deck for you that is based on your life and experiences! How cool is that?

    7) It Helps You Support Small Businesses

    This is similar to the above point, but here we are talking about small businesses.

    There are many small teams of people out there who put their heart and soul into designing the perfect and most beautiful tarot decks. These businesses are typically family-owned and buying from them can help support their lives.

    Plus, there are many small businesses like the small esoetric shops that sells crystals, tarot books and decks…. they also need our help and support 🙂 and these are usually great places to learn more about tarot in general and expand your horizons, let alone meet awesome fellow tarot readers !!!!!!!

    So, if you are getting yourself a new tarot deck, it is a good idea to akeep in mind we are also helping someone else…. 🙂

    benefits of colecting tarot decks quote 3

    8) It Serves As A Way To Connect With Other Readers

    tarot reader community

    In the past decade or two, tarot has really gone mainstream.

    Maybe it was the advent of the internet that helped this happen. Nowadays, so many people have made tarot an integral part of their lives. Thanks to the resources available online, people are able to learn about this spiritual tool and make their lives much better.

    There are also several tarot communities where you can meet and talk to other readers. ( hands down you can really meet the most amazing people there, really ).

    There are online forums, social media groups, local tarot meetups, and so on. In fact, when you start collecting tarot decks, you also start getting a feeling that you are part of a bigger community. As such, you start looking for tarot groups to join and find like-minded individuals who share the same passion.

    As human beings, it is in our nature to want to be part of vibrant and supportive communities.

    And that’s exactly what you get when you start connecting with other tarot readers and collectors. You also get to show off your collection and learn from other people’s collections. You might also get valuable tips on how to become a better reader…. and find many friends 🙂

    9) It Helps You Compare Interpretations

    This one is obvious, isn’t it?

    When you collect tarot decks, you are also essentially collecting a wealth of information. Apart from all the things you can learn that I have already mentioned above, you also get to compare interpretations between different tarot decks.

    And this can be really instrumental in your journey as a tarot reader.

    You see, each tarot deck has a set of cards with unique interpretations. Sure, the same card might have similar meanings across various decks, but you will always get something more depending on its deck. For example, The fool card in an animal-themed deck might give you a slightly different interpretation compared to The fool card in the standard Rider-Waite deck.

    These differences in interpretations are usually the result of different imagery and artistic styles used in the various decks.

    However, they can also differ based on the mythological or spiritual sources that inspired the creation of a particular deck. Regardless, it helps a tarot reader expand their horizons about the potential interpretations of the same cards.

    benefits of colecting tarot decks quote 4

    10) Tarot Decks Can Increase In Value Over Time

    A lot of people don’t know about this and that’s why they might tell you to be careful of your “addiction” to collecting tarot decks.

    Heck, even tarot enthusiasts don’t realize it until someone more experienced tells them about it. You see, tarot decks can increase in value over time, and as such, they can be an asset of some sort. It is like investing 🙂

    Of course, this doesn’t apply to every single tarot deck out there! In fact, most decks will simply have the same value over time. However, there are many decks, particularly those that are rare, out of print, or highly in-demand that can increase in monetary worth over time. And let’s not forget the limited-edition decks, which hold a special place for collectors. So, next time your partner or husband/ wife gets annoyed by your new deck aquisition, just tell them: I am investing money hahaha

    Also, even if some of your tarot decks don’t increase in value, you can sell them for the same price to another tarot reader. You can also exchange decks for one another! By the way, this is also a great way to network with other tarot readers and make friends.

    11) Tarot Decks Can Be Inspiring

    tarot card with an art nouveau theme

    A lot of tarot readers will definitely agree with this point.

    Collecting tarot decks can be a great and constant source of inspiration for you. Doing so can stimulate your imagination, creativity, passion, and personal insight.

    Think about it for a second. Each deck has a unique set of artwork, imagery, artistic style, interpretations, symbolism, themes, and so on. Any of these can ignite a spark within your mind and send you on a thought-provoking journey! Sometimes, all you need is that one jolt of energy to motivate you to do what’s needed.

    Moreover, the act of collecting tarot decks can itself be an inspiring journey. After all, it encourages you to seek new decks, discover rare gems, and dive into the stories behind each creation. All of this takes effort and it also reminds you that when you truly care about something, you are ready to give it your all!

    12) You Can Offer Diversity In Readings

    This is an important benefit of collecting tarot decks that a lot of people don’t realize.

    As I mentioned above, the same cards can have slightly different interpretations across various tarot decks. As such, some decks might be more suited for certain aspects of life.

    For example, one tarot deck might be better to ask questions about your love life, while some other tarot deck might be well-suited for queries related to your work. Similarly, some decks might be more suited for divination, while some might be better for situations in the past. After all, different tarot decks can evoke distinct energies, emotions, and insights within the reader.

    For the querent or your client, you can also choose or let your client choose the deck that will be the most suited for your reading….. For example, if your client is a bit scared of certain cards, you can choose or use a deck with a softer imagery 🙂

    So, when you have multiple tarot decks, you have a lot more flexibility and a diverse range of readings available to you at any moment.

    13) It’s A Fun Habit

    Sometimes, you don’t need any benefit to do something other than the fact that it is fun. I certainly don’t haha.

    I mean, that’s what life is all about, right? You should be able to do things you enjoy and you should be able to do them without any hesitation. If you like collecting tarot decks and doing so brings you joy, so be it… and more power to you!

    If you think about it, collecting tarot decks is kind of like going on a treasure hunt. If you played such games during your childhood, you will instantly relate to this. It is always fun to find something valuable and add it to your collection forever!

    This is exactly what collecting tarot decks feels like. You spend hours searching for the right deck, you find ways to acquire the said deck, and you wait eagerly for its arrival. Once you have it, you also take good care of it as a prized possession.

    benefits of colecting tarot decks quote 5

    14) It Helps You Find The Perfect Tarot Deck

    Just as you need to date several people to finally find the perfect person for you, you might also need to buy several tarot decks before stumbling upon the perfect deck.

    Sometimes, you just don’t find what you are looking for when you start your journey in the tarot world. And so, you need to wait patiently and work with a tarot deck that you might not completely connect with.

    So, in this case, the act of collecting tarot decks is actually a necessity to help you find the deck that you can actually connect with.

    As a tarot reader, this is quite important. As I mentioned above, your tarot cards are like an extension of you. And so, you need to work with decks that you have an intimate relationship with.

    15) It Can Help You Create Your Own Rituals And Sacred Practices

    bowl with sage crystal and incense for rituals

    This is another great benefit of collecting tarot decks, especially for those people who are on their spiritual journeys.

    When you have different tarot decks, you can use each or some of them specifically to create your own rituals or sacred practices. Let me explain what I mean.

    I like to do daily card reading to have a glimpse of what my day will look like haha i use a specific deck

    For my journaling, I like to use the rider waite smith deck 🙂

    When i use tarot to meditate, I also like to use another deck…. so for each pratice, you can use a specific deck….

    Each deck carries its own energetic signature, I see each deck as a friend with his/ her own voice, personality etc…. I don’t say that to my non tarot friends or they could think I am crazy….. Well, maybe I am…..but at least I am crazy and have a good collection of tarot decks hahah.

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