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Why We All Get Addicted To Collecting Tarot Decks

    why we get addicted to collecting tarot decks

    In recent times, you might have observed that the practice of tarot has gone mainstream.

    What was once considered niche and esoteric has now captivated the attention and imagination of millions of people throughout the world. They are learning about it, adopting it, and using it in their daily lives.

    This is also why there has been a surge in the habit of collecting different tarot decks.

    As more and more people get into the world of tarot, they look for tarot decks that speak to them and with which they can instantly connect. For some people, this act of collecting tarot decks has become an addiction! ( like me hahah)

    But why do we get addicted to collecting tarot decks?

    If you think about it, there could be many reasons. It gives us a sense of accomplishment, it makes us feel nostalgic, it gives us a sense of exploration, it helps us form social connections, it is a form of expression, it can help us learn new things, and much more.

    In this article, I am going to talk about these and more reasons why we get addicted to collecting tarot decks.

    1) It Gives You A Sense of Accomplishment

    feeling of accomplishment

    This is quite straightforward, isn’t it?

    When you manage to get a particular tarot deck that you had been wanting for a long time, it makes you feel like you have achieved something meaningful.

    In fact, the very pursuit of collecting different decks can be an exciting journey that is filled with challenges along the way. Naturally, when you get to your destination, you are bound to feel great about what you’ve accomplished.

    Also, if you think about it, each new addition to your collection of decks is like a milestone in your journey as a tarot reader.

    It’s like curating your own personal art gallery.

    Only here, it’s the variety of your tarot decks that you can proudly display to anyone willing to delve into and appreciate your collection.

    When you receive this appreciation from fellow tarot readers, you feel even merrier haha.

    addiction collection decks quote1

    2) It Makes You Feel Nostalgic

    books collecting

    When someone talks to you about your childhood and discusses some of your most prized memories, you can’t help but feel nostalgic.

    At that moment, you would give anything to go back and experience the memories all over again.

    Who wouldn’t want to relive their best childhood memories, am I right?

    Well, the same thing may happen when you collect tarot decks. It could give you a huge dose of nostalgia that sends you to your early years.

    Sure, you weren’t collecting tarot decks when you were little.

    But you were probably collecting other types of cards relating to your favorite cartoons, superheroes, wrestlers, and so on.

    Remember how thrilled you used to be?

    Remember how you used to immediately show your cards to your friend and how you would all be in awe of everyone’s collections? Well, as an adult, collecting different tarot decks basically gives you the same feeling.

    3) It Helps You Appreciate The Beauty of Different Decks

    As tarot became more popular throughout the world, different people and companies started designing different themed tarot decks. ( the lovely tarot card above is from from the tarot deck HERE on amazon 🙂

    If you browse a little, you will find hundreds of themed decks that include animals, superheroes, cartoons, fantasy, tv shows, movies, angels, jokers, and much more.

    Some artists even offer handmade tarot decks! It’s almost as if this is an entirely new area for designers and artists to showcase their art and talent.

    And that is exactly why you might be addicted to collecting a whole variety of tarot decks.

    Collecting the various decks could be your way to appreciate the beauty in the world around you.

    It could be a way for you to fill your own life with more beauty and joy. This is similar to how people collect art or antique furniture. In a way, you are also supporting artists and small businesses.

    addiction collection decks quote 2

    4) It Helps You Form Social Connections

    As I mentioned above, the practice of tarot has really gone mainstream in the past decade or so.

    As such, you can find so many people who share this interest with you. ( I met really awesome people along my tarot journey…. they know who they are hahah)

    It’s like a community where you can meet new people and share your passion.

    And collecting tarot decks could be your way of seeking these social connections. After all, it gives you an opportunity to ask advice from other tarot readers and interact with tarot deck sellers.

    With the rise of social media platforms and online forums, it is now easier than ever to not only buy tarot decks but also connect with like-minded people.

    When you have an entire collection of tarot decks, you also feel much more confident in sharing the details of your stash, giving reviews, helping others find what they are looking for, swapping tarot decks, and even participating in challenges to win new decks. ( yes to even more decks hahah)

    5) It Can Be Seen As A Form of Personal Expression

    artistic expression with paint

    To people who are not involved with the world of tarot, the act of buying new tarot decks might seem like a simple act.

    They might think of it as buying t-shirts or some other regular product.

    But tarot collectors and readers know that that’s not true.

    To them, it is a powerful means of self-expression. After all, every single deck that a tarot reader gets says a lot about them.

    In fact, this was true even centuries ago.

    When tarot readers chose a collection, it was a reflection of their beliefs, tastes, and individuality.

    This is why tarot readers take such a long time to finally choose a deck.

    They go through hundreds of decks to make their choice. And those who understand the spiritual aspect of this know why this is the case. Your deck is kind of an extension of you and it reflects in your readings.

    addiction collection decks quote 3

    6) It Helps You Grow Spiritually

    spiritual retreat

    For more than a century, tarot cards have been deeply associated with spirituality.

    In fact, it is even linked to several supernatural elements and traditions. The various imagery and symbolism used in tarot decks are steeped in deep concepts about life, death, the universe, love, desire, and so on.

    So, when you buy different tarot decks for yourself, you are essentially allowing yourself to explore different perspectives and interpretations offered by these decks.

    I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that each deck has its own symbolism and energy.

    Sure, the overall meanings might be similar, but the way they are portrayed can wildly differ across various decks.

    So, as a collector, you can deepen your connection to the divine and enhance your understanding of your own spiritual nature thanks to your varied collection.

    Also, some decks can even teach you about history, traditions, and the different cultures around the world.

    7) It Can Be Seen As A Hobby

    piano as a hobby

    We all have hobbies, don’t we?

    Some people like listening to music, while some people like to tend to their gardens.

    Some people love reading books, while others like to explore their city.

    Hobbies differ from person to person. Similarly, for you, getting different tarot decks for yourself could be a hobby that makes you happy. Writing this just makes me realize the similarities between the letters of the words hobby and happy…..silly me haha.

    In that case, it is not really an addiction because it is something you consciously spend your time and money on.

    Also, consider the fact that hobbies can be very fulfilling for people.

    For example, when someone learns a new musical instrument, they might feel content with themselves because it makes them feel like their life is not only about work.

    Similarly, collecting various cards and learning about them regularly can provide you with a sense of purpose. It might make you realize that your life was meant to be a spiritual one. ( yeah I know .. I just wanted to find a way to make my addiction look less superficial hahah. Did I manage to do so ? 🙂

    addiction collection decks quote 4

    8) It Can Be Seen As A Challenge

    mountain climbing challenge

    To people who don’t understand tarot, getting a new tarot deck might seem like a simple task.

    Just go to the store and get one, right? If only it was this easy!

    The truth is that collecting various rare tarot decks is like going on a pursuit of collecting precious gems and you have no idea of their location.

    In fact, this sense of challenge might be the reason why you might be addicted to collecting decks in the first place. After all, we all like healthy challenges, especially the ones that relate to our interests.

    The challenges, in this case, could relate to finding limited editions, securing vintage decks, completing themed sets, buying highly sought-after editions, or getting a deck that holds special significance for you. These challenges may ignite the competitive spirit within you and keep you hooked for years!

    9) It May Have Sentimental Value

    old teddy bear

    The practice of tarot has a rich history.

    In many families, for instance, there is a tradition to pass down tarot decks through the generations.

    As such, these decks have sentimental value for the person holding onto them in the present times. As a tarot reader, you might be buying more and more decks so that you could pass down an even bigger collection to your future generations.

    Also, tarot cards can become holders of cherished memories, personal connections, and emotional experiences.

    For example, if you get a tarot deck for yourself on the day your child is born, that deck will always have a sentimental significance for you. Decks like these become infused with personal stories that will evoke a sense of nostalgia in the future.

    10) It Could Be Because of Fear of Missing Out

    tarot cards

    Last but certainly not least, the fear of missing out might be the simplest reason behind your addiction to collecting tarot decks.

    A lot of tarot readers love to get new decks for themselves from time to time. If your friends happen to be tarot readers too, and you see them increasing their collection, you might be tempted to do the same.

    In this case, you will have a fear of missing out on the fun – not only the fun of getting new decks but also talking about them with other people and discussing their meanings and interpretations. 🙂

    addiction collection decks quote 5

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